which airlines are peanut free?


I did not know that any were peanut free. We don't travel much for this reason but would love to more if i knew I was getting on a peanut free airline. THANKS

On Nov 12, 2007

I have heard that Jetblue does not server peanuts, but does server Cashews.

On Nov 12, 2007

This link to FAAN gives a few examples of what different airlines will do.


On Jan 1, 2008

Yeah, I think even the airlines that don't serve peanuts don't actually claim to be peanut free.

That being said, I am comfortable with flying on United as well as American at this point. Definitely check the FAAN site though for any updates.

On Jan 5, 2008

I don't think any airlines are officially peanut free (as in preventing passengers from bringing their own peanut products on board). But many no longer serve peanuts or whole nuts. Tips that I've found very helpful in dealing with my son's allergy when flying: -Call ahead and let them know the severity of the allergy. At least they will note it on the passenger sheet. -Make them similarly aware at the gate. Some airlines have a "nut-free zone" established in the rows ahead and behind the PA passenger. I personally don't think this does anything, but it's a nice gesture. And it gets conversation going, and I always think awareness is a fantastic thing. -Bring your own nut-free snacks. -Ask to board ahead of time. Wipe down your entire row (windows, wall, trays, armrests, and every other surface) with a wet wipe. -Cover the PA passenger's seat with a fitted sheet (I have found that full sheets work best). Peanut residue can easily settle in those icky airplane seats.) -Give a prophylactic dose of Benadryl, "just in case." My motto is "better safe than sorry." Good luck!

On Jan 16, 2008

WestJet does not serve peanuts. They loved hearing from me when I contacted them to thank them for not serving peanuts. They even state so on their website.

On Jan 21, 2008

American Airlines no longer serves peanuts or foods containing peanuts.

In my experience, Delta is the hands-down worst: they serve peanuts on almost every flight, and they don't have a consistent policy for dealing with passengers with severe peanut allergies. I'll no longer fly with them at all - it's too close to Russian Roulette for my taste.

On Jan 25, 2008

Alaska Airlines does not serve peanuts:


On Feb 20, 2008

Northwest does not serve peanuts or peanut products. They DO serve nuts in a trail mix (which does not have peanuts in it), but have always asked people not to eat them while we are on board. They are great!

On Mar 5, 2008

I called southwest airlines & it was pretty amazing b/c the agent was very sympathetic as her grandson has a PA

She said it is always best to take the first flight of the day, planes are the cleanest. SWA doesn't serve nuts til 1030am. But they will NOT serve nuts if u request w/ booking & re-remind them. But I do like the idea of taking first flight of the day for the fact plane is the cleanest & there is probably a smaller chance a passenger will eat nuts on that flight b/c it is the crack of dawn!!! they will also announce it on the flight, for a passengers safety, please no nuts....but can't demand it, etc.

On Mar 9, 2008

This was several years ago (spring of 2001), but when I went to Italy for a band trip in grade eleven (for those of you who don't know, I play the clarinet), and we had a girl in the band who was allergic to peanuts. Anyway, on the way there, we didn't have peanuts for our snack, we had pretzels instead, but on the way back, we DID have peanuts, and the flight attendants just moved the PA girl (plus a friend of her choice) when the snack was served, and I think they let her stay there for the whole rest of the flight, because she was *really* allergic. My PA friend at my current school only reacts from actually ingesting peanuts (but she says that smelling them or being close to them also makes her feel sick), but the girl from my high school band was definitely contact sensitive, and maybe aerosol.

On Mar 25, 2008

we just flew on JET BLUE this past week and they were wonderful! they announced the no nuts on board request while passengers were waiting to board, then had us board first to discuss the severity of our childs nut allergies with the flight attendants, while on the plane they announced that a child with severe nut allergies was on board two seperate times and said they would be serving an alternative snack without peanuts or treenuts. i will only fly JET BLUE from now on and highly reccommend them.

On Apr 6, 2008

Originally Posted By: mom2lily&thomas

Alaska Airlines does not serve peanuts:

True, but they are inconsistent about whether or not they'll help you to get a buffer zone or ask people not to open peanut snacks on board. We had a bad experience with this just this morning.

On Apr 19, 2008

Question... we discovered that my 4 yo dd has a peanut allergy *while we're on vacation*. We are flying Delta, home, on Tuesday. The allergist we saw here said that it should not be an issue-just to obviously avoid peanut products. My dd's allergy is not super severe (yet). She just can't eat any products. I don't think she's contact sensitive or can't be *around* them-she just can't eat them. Should we contact Delta and ask for them to not serve peanut products? Is it too late?

On Apr 19, 2008

I would contact delta and just let them know. Did they give you an epi-pen jr? you should keep that with you. Therese

On Apr 19, 2008

We do have the epipen (2 of them), plus benadryl, but the epipen is good for 20 minutes...I really don't think that her allergies are so severe that flying is an issue, but it's still nervewracking! I'll call Delta...

On Apr 22, 2008

Unfortunately with peanut allergy there is no way to know how she will react the next time she is exposed to peanut. Peanut allergy is severe by definition. Even people who have had seemingly mild reactions are at risk of subsequent severe ones.

We flew Delta recently by accident because our Northwest flight was cancelled and we could only get on a Delta flight. They were great. They served cookies instead. We also wiped the seats down with clorox wipes and my son did fine. Definately bring some wipes and wipe down EVERYTHING!

On May 28, 2008

We will be flying by Malaysia Airlines for our holiday and was told to complete the RELEASE AND INDEMNITY FORM - PEANUT ALLERGY

To: Malaysia Airlines System Berhad

I, hereby solemnly declare that I do not need a nut free cabin and only react if I in-gest nuts, but do not react if I smell nuts or if I am sitting next to someone who is eat-ing and/or handling nuts during flight.

I also declare that if I am accepted for carriage by Malaysia Airlines which carriage shall be subject to the Malaysia Airlines General Conditions of Carriage and its regu-lations, such carriage shall be made at my own risk and I shall release and discharge Malaysia Airlines, its directors, employees and agents against any or all liability whatsoever and howsoever arising due to such carriage.

In addition to the above, I agree to reimburse and indemnify Malaysia Airlines for any expenses or costs to be incurred or sustained by Malaysia Airlines or any claim or action to be taken against Malaysia Airlines by any party arising from such carriage.

This declaration is made on my free will and without persuasion by any party.

On May 29, 2008

Would not fly Malaysian Airlines. We live in Asia and this is an airline we would not fly with. There is little or no allergy awareness in Malaysia. When we lived there we had to go to Singapore to obtain epi-pens as the government will not allow Dr. or chemits to bring them intio the country. Try Singapore Airlines. Qantas do not serve any peanuts (but they do serve other nuts!) but their low cost carrier does (Jetstar).