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My husband mentioned to me that he would like to take 1-2 weeks off this summer and just drive somewhere for a vacation. We live in New Jersey. Any ideas? We have 5 year old son and a 7 year old daughter, so we have to keep them busy. I was thinking Cape Cod, Lake George, Maine, PA Dutch country, or visiting my sister in Georgia (which I know the kids and I would love, but it is kind of a far drive). Does anyone have any great places to recommend? Thanks.

On Jun 14, 2007

I see that no one has yet answered your question and I think it's because if you look through the travel forum, you will see thread upon thread of places that people travel. If you read about others' experiences, you will probably find something that sparks your interest. Sounds like you already had some good ideas. The only one that I would question is possibly Georgia only because it is the peanut capital (though I've never actually been there myself so my opinion may be unjustified).

From my experience, restaurants in the south atlantic use more peanuts and pecans than most (i.d. peanut soup, and pecan pancakes) whereas in the Northeast you don't see as much of that.

Cape Cod, and Maine are probably good for PA as long as long as your kids can eat seafood.

Good luck! Have a great time!

On Jun 14, 2007


My wife, daughter and PA son live in New Providence, NJ as well. Are you nearby? We have done Sesame place and Dutch Wonderland safely and may try Hershey Park next week. Also, if you are interested in Cape Cod, do a search on it. A user on this site, Neil's Mom, rents out her PA free house on the Cape.

On Jun 16, 2007


We live in Toms River, but we are hopefully moving back up north this summer. We used to live in Watchung. Now we are looking to move to Basking Ridge, Westfield, Mountainside or maybe back to Watchung again. My husband works in Westfield and the commute is too long for him.


Thanks for replying. I just thought I would see if someone had some more recent good ideas to visit. I never thought about that about Georgia (the peanut capitol). My sister lives north of Atlanta and in the past I have never noticed a lot of peanut dishes at restaurants. Maybe we were lucky. Thanks for replying!

On Jun 19, 2007

Hi Kathy, My mother grew up in Tom's River and I grew up in Tinton Falls (where we are as I type since we are visiting from MD this week). I would have suggested the Jersey shore because we find it easy to eat in most of the Italian restaurants and Diners here.

As I mentioned, I've never really been to Georgia (besides driving through years ago) so I'm not a reliable person for that. I thought I had read something someone once wrote here about fresh peanuts along the roadside though. Where we ran into lots of peanuts was in Virginia last year when we went to the Williamsburg area. Many of the privately owned places serve the traditional peanut soup because they are very proud of their Virginia peanuts. Also pecans are big there for some reason (we could not find a breakfast place that didn't make pecan pancakes) and I know they are big in New Orleans so I just assumed it was a general southern thing.

Have you narrowed down your search of places to go?

On Jun 21, 2007

If you decide to move near Westfield, NJ, I might suggest my town of New Providence. My DS's PA is severe and his private school, Our Lady of Peace, is peanut free (no may contains allowed either). Let me know if you want more info.

If you would prefer a public school then I suggest Chatham which has an excellent school system as well as an excellent peanut policy - see link below.


On Jun 25, 2007

ConcernedDa, Thanks for the info. regarding the food policy at Chatham schools. That's a great policy.

As far as our vacation, we may travel to PA Dutch area. I'm looking into the Willow Valley Resort. I just read someone else is staying there also. The chef emailed me back and said they would be able to accomodate my son and his allergies. We could also go to Dutch Wonderland. Thanks!