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Posted on: Mon, 08/27/2007 - 3:55am
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Joined: 08/17/2004 - 09:00

Originally from Binghamton, NY (hi smudgesgarden!) currently living in Sarasota, Florida.

Posted on: Mon, 08/27/2007 - 3:58am
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Joined: 09/02/2000 - 09:00

Born and raised Indiana,
now residing in Wisconsin, love it here!
Amy (mom of 2)
Daughter PA/TNA

Posted on: Mon, 08/27/2007 - 4:29am
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Quote:Originally posted by bethc:
[b]Central Minnesota. Seanmn, I wonder if we're far apart?[/b]
I live about 20 min from St. Cloud just off 94, sound close?

Posted on: Mon, 08/27/2007 - 4:41am
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Just west of Barrie, Ontario
Son is PA, just turned 5.

Posted on: Mon, 08/27/2007 - 4:46am
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Born & raised in Queens, NY.
Lived in DC fo 4 years during college.
Moved the Philadelphia when I got married and now live the the New Jersey suburbs of Philly.

Posted on: Mon, 08/27/2007 - 7:35am
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I'm originally from Southern California (the San Gabriel Valley), but I currently live in the SF Bay Area (east bay).
Cheryl, mom to Jason (9 MFA including peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, coconut, sesame, squid)
Joey (8 NKA)
Allison (4 milk allergic, suspect shellfish, avoiding PN/TN for now)
Ryan (1) nka *knock on wood*

Posted on: Mon, 08/27/2007 - 8:59am
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Joined: 01/22/2007 - 09:00

Born and grew up in New Jersey....Bergen County and moved to Seattle area in 93.
You can take the girl outta Jersey...but you can't take the Jersey outta the girl!

Posted on: Mon, 08/27/2007 - 9:23am
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PNW native, here....
Born in Bellingham, lived most of my life in the Rogue Valley, then moved to Pullman (ew!) and to South Central MN..... finally back to the Willamette Valley..... glad to be back home? [i]Oh, yahhhhh.... YOU BETCHA.[/i] [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img] Not that -40 isn't, ummmmm, 'nice.' MN-nice, that is. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img] (Just kidding, you two.)
DH is a SoCal boy.... SaMo High alum. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img] But he's totally recovered now. He likes it here too, and nobody can even tell anymore that he's [i]one of THEM.[/i] LOL!

Posted on: Mon, 08/27/2007 - 9:53am
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Northern 'burbs of Chicago, but I was born in Fairmont MN. Say "hey" to my home town, Sean.

Posted on: Mon, 08/27/2007 - 10:01am
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Stouffville, Ontario
PA DD is 7



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