Where do your kids wash hands after lunch?

Posted on: Wed, 03/07/2007 - 2:31am
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If your PA child has a school plan that everyone in their class washes their hands after lunch, does your child wash at the same sinks? Do they follow any special procedures?

My DD's plan does call for everyone to wash their hands after lunch. But then the kids who ate peanut butter touch the water spigot (a press-on kind) and the soap dispenser, and sometimes they touch the touchless paper towel dispenser.

Monday was a peanut butter sandwich day for hot lunch, and DD did end up with a hive on her face after lunch, but it was already there by the time she went to wash up afterwards, so it wasn't caused by handwashing. It just made us think about it. She does sit at a peanut-free table, but she says kids are constantly coming up to the table, putting their hands on it, and asking them why they sit there. Anyway, the hive reappeared in the evening, and after I wiped her whole face with a wet washcloth in the bath, 2 more popped up, as if I'd spread the protein around. She'd never washed that spot when it first appeared. I really do think it was a contact reaction.

So my DH told her she should use a paper towel to turn on the water and get some soap when she washes after lunch, then use a fresh paper towel to dry with. He'd told her this before, and she'd done it some, but she didn't have the technique quite right and lots of kids asked her why she was doing it. She feels very self-conscious about it, so she'd stopped. But we tend to think she needs to learn to protect herself, to be OK doing things just a little differently. She's a highly sensitive person (in more ways than one).

We thought of having her wash up in the classroom sink instead, but she knows her teacher wants them all to have taken their bathroom break and be ready to start class when they get back. And she does use the bathroom after lunch, so she says she shouldn't wait to go back to the classroom to wash her hands. We don't really want to ask the teacher to do another thing differently if DD can modify how she washes her hands.

What do your kids do?

Posted on: Wed, 03/07/2007 - 4:30am
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hmmm, good point actually. Right now, Jake sits at a peanut-free table, so theoretcially he shouldn't need to wash, and I don't think he does after eating(his table is safe and his food is safe...so as of now, he doesn't wash...he does use a hand sanitizer before though, and ALL kids use it...so there is possibility for contamination now that I think about it). The kids that ate peanutbutter however do wash after lunch. I never thought that the sinks may not be safe if he did go it there. Hmmmm I would need to think that one through.
This is a good point, I am actually working on my 504 outline and will note something about it....I'll have to brainstorm some ideas though. See if anyone else posts about this. Thanks!!
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Posted on: Wed, 03/07/2007 - 11:23pm
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What about having her use wipes instead?

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