When to present school with plan?

Posted on: Mon, 07/29/2002 - 6:21am
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pAs you may know from my other posts, my son was discriminated against by a Montessori preschool because of his allergy./p
pBoth my mother and my husband think that I scared off the director by presenting a detailed ADA plan before having a discussion with her./p
pI had written out the plan, stamped it ***DRAFT***, and included a note on the front that 1) this was a standard format that was used often, 2) my 2 biggest concerns were to keep the other children from bringing in pb and that someone there was trained on administering the Epi-pen, and 3) could we meet to discuss/revise the plan?/p
pAll this was after he had been accepted but before I had a face-to-face discussion with her about the implications of his allergy./p
pWhen we met, she wouldn't even discuss the plan. She just kicked him out./p
pOkay that's the history. The question is, how should I approach it next time? At what point do you present the plan? Please help, as I have another school that I will be visiting soon and I don't want to blow it again./p

Posted on: Mon, 07/29/2002 - 8:51am
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What I did (and am still in the process of doing):
Around last Thanksgiving/Christmas I called just to see if the school had ever dealt with a severe PA. I spoke with the principal, introduced myself and roughly presented the situation: that my son would be attending there Fall 2002 and that he has a life-threatening PA. Summary of that conversation - we needed to meet ASAP. We met in February and have been meeting ever since.
Our first meeting was with the principal alone and we further discussed if/how the school has handled PA in the past, and we further oriented the principal with our son's allergy.
The next meeting was where we presented our requests. The principal read them one by one and we discussed them. (See "Our outline for school")
Next, we met with the K teachers, then the faculty.
Our next meeting will be to finalize the 504, then we'll meet with the full faculty again.
My only suggestion is to keep it personal. Others feel it's incredibly important to keep it formal. I did at first, too, but found out quickly that informal/personal worked well for us. (We are teachers ourselves, though, so that may make a difference.)
Good luck to you.

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