When to approach the school?

Posted on: Wed, 11/10/1999 - 4:37am
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I have a PA 3 year old. When should I approach the school he will attend concerning its handling of PA? He is in that grey area where he could go a little early or late.

Posted on: Wed, 11/10/1999 - 4:48am
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My son will start Kindergarten in September 2000. He will be almost 6 due to a December birthday and our school system having a September 15 cutoff. I am thankful he is going late. I actually haven't decided if I am going to put him in half-day Kindergarten in the public school system or keep him at his daycare center which offers full-day Kindergarten. At any rate, I will be approaching my public school after the Winter Break (sometime in January). I wanted to do it this Fall; however, they seem to be doing so much just getting adjusted to the new school year, I thought I would wait until things calmed down a bit before I go in with my questions. I figure the six months (Jan thru June) will give us enough time to get a plan in place for his arrival in September.

Posted on: Tue, 11/30/1999 - 3:47am
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Start your own file now! I gathered a ton of info about food allergies and different school districts. Find out from your state dept of ed of limitations that may exist in your state. I called neighboring schools within my district as well as out of my district. I was surprised to see the differences between schools. I requested a meeting a year in advance with our principal and sent in a letter w/ some concerns and articles for him to read at his leisure. The key to the meeting should be that you want to work together with your principal on your side! If the school policy is not set up the way you need it to be - fine. Ask your principal to help you go to the next level to change it. Go in with the right attitude and pure concern for your child and things will happen. My son starts this Sept and changes are in the works> Our principal has been great. We plan to follow up with him in Jan to see if a new policy will be put in place soon. Good Luck!
Search the boards. There is great info here. We will be using a management plan along with an emergency action plan.

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