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Posted on: Mon, 07/18/2005 - 1:11am
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Hi to all:

My son was diagnosed with a peanut allergy when he was 5. He was eating a peanut butter sandwich at school and broke out in severe hives. Our pediatrician said this is a very bad food allergy and you must keep him away from peanuts.

I did a lot of research and discovered that this is indeed a serious allergy and took him to the best pediatric allergist in Miami.

The allergist said it is too dangerous to test him for peanuts. He did a cap rast test and it came up negative. They also tested for all other foods and those came up negative.

We have avoided peanuts for 4 years. It is not always easy but I have made it easy for us since I love to cook and we never eat junk food or out that much anyway.

There is a new Cleveland Clinic across the street and it accepts our insurance. I decided to go there to get our papers filled out for school.

That doctor said we should get the cap rast test again and if it is zero get a skin test for peanut butter and if that is zero get an oral challenge.

Our other doctor said it is too dangerous to test for peanuts.

My boy is scared and doesn't want the test. I am not sure - I am not crazy about this new doctor.

But the idea that we could be peanut allergy free is encouraging - it is hard socially on someone who has this allergy.

What would you guys do?

I appreciate all opinions. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this message.



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