what would you do?


dd's skin test came back negative to peanut and positive to soy. her blood test came pack positive to peanut and negative to soy.

we know she is allergic to peanuts (has had a reaction both times she had peanut products.) but would you cut out soy?

we've made the desicion to do so, but i'm just curious to what others think.

------------------ Erin, mama to Sarah (11/29/04) allergic to peanuts and soy, and to Simon (2/26/07) who has no known allergies

On Jun 20, 2007

Soy is very difficult to avoid, as I am sure you are aware. Why avoid it if you don't have to? If it were my child I would talk to my allergist about an in-office challenge. I would do it for the soy only as you have already seen the results of peanut ingestion.

Good Luck with what ever you decide.

On Jun 20, 2007

My son is allergic to soy. I would definitely avoid, as your child is so young, if there is only a slight allergy/tendency toward it, she could outgrow with avoidance. Soy is not hard to avoid at all. The soy that is in most products is the oil and the lechthin, both of which are safe (for most people with soy allergies). Ds eats food with both safely. The only things we really watch out for are some baked items will list soy flour or soy protein, but there are not that many, and of course any obvious things like tofu or soy milk, and those aren;t anything kids are clamoring for [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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On Jun 20, 2007

I do the same as mcmom....avoiding blantant soy products but soy lechtin(never been a problem)...maybe avoid it for 6 more mnths and retest and see if she outgrew it. Then continue to avoid the peanuts for sure, she is still young, which is good for these results, hopefully that will mean possibly outgrowing both!!! My 3yr old has avoided soy and peanuts thus far, I will readdress/retest this fall(he'll be 4) and go from there. Good luck

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On Jun 20, 2007

I would do a challenge except dd will not drink soy milk and wouldn't touch tofu whrn Ii offered it. She's definatly a food avoider!

I'm glad to hear that I could just avoid the flour and protien because the oil is in everything!