What will you buy for Valentines Day Gift??

Posted on: Mon, 01/07/2002 - 8:26pm
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Hi, With Valentines day next month I am wondering what everyone will buy their PA child. I love the candy boxes that are shaped like hearts,but I have never been able to give Chris one. I feel like this is the most wonderful giving day,because your sharing with someone you love. I always will remember the wonderful Valentines my dad would buy us. My mom always got the Biggest box and my sister and brothers and i got the next smaller one. This was/is the most neatest thing growing up. Anyone here with Valentine ideas for Chris? I guess I could order from the Vermont Peanut free store and have it shipped. That way all three kids could have a heart box. My husband and I were engaged on Valentines Day,and i just love this day so much. Take care claire

Posted on: Mon, 01/07/2002 - 11:28pm
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Hi, Claire!
I don't go the traditional candy route on Valentine's Day - not chocolate anyway. We usually give our boys a book, and some of their favorite candies: Smarties, Skittles, or SweetTarts.
Same at Easter, but with a video and some coloring/activity books.
This probably hasn't helped you - sorry. My kids are 3 and 5. Chris is older, I know.
Good luck with your choices!

Posted on: Mon, 01/07/2002 - 11:55pm
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Growing up, we hardly ever had candy on Valentine's Day, but my Mom would make the day special. We would always get some small trinket...sometimes a necklace or bracelet charm, maybe a small stuffed animal, a trinket box, a very nice letter. Then we would all have a special dinner together...a family favorite. It was nice because usually weekdays were so busy with everyone working, playing, etc. This day she made sure that we slowed down a bit.
So we are trying to continue the tradition with our family. The kids are little so maybe for dinner I might make a ham with a cherry glaze or maybe their favorite chicken with red roasted potatoes (maybe carved into hearts if I have ambition enough), maybe a tomato salad, strawberry flavored milk, ice cream with strawberries or strawberry shortcake for dessert. Maybe something as simple as spagetti and heartshaped meatballs. For trinkets...well I don't want to do toys either so close to Christmas. Maybe a Valentine's Day book (There is a very cute one out there call Valentine about a little lamb born on Valentine's day) or a white ball with some paints and I'll let them paint hearts on it. One year I got them cute heart jerseys with sequins on them. For the past two years made them a card or picture while they are sleeping the night before and stuck it on the wall of their bedroom so they could see it when they got up and I'm at work already. My kids each have "their" cups. I will get them occasionally special sippy cups, different colors, shapes, funny straws, etc. Might do that. I don't know. We'll see what I come across. But those are the ideas I am looking for.
Boy did I ramble! :-)

Posted on: Tue, 01/08/2002 - 7:42am
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Laurensmom, You didn't ramble. I love to hear ideas about everything. I did get some by reading your post. Everything pink and red sounds really great. Even if not for Chris then for the other two.
Lam You also gave me another idea. Maybe a gift certificate to the book store for Chris. He would love that. Coloring stuff for the other two as well. take care claire

Posted on: Wed, 01/09/2002 - 4:40am
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I'll always remember Valentine's Day. My mom always bought those small Russell Stover hearts with chocolate, caramel, and nougat candies, which were set out on the kitchen table when we got home from school. It was the same thing every year, except when V-day fell on the weekend. I do the same thing for my kids. Some craft or candy stores sell empty heart-shaped containers or Valentine-themed boxes. I fill them up with half homemade candies and half VNF goodies. The kids know the routine now and expect those Valentine "gifts" to be on the table when they get home. They never say anything about it, but they know it's coming and are prepared to "spoil" their dinner on that day. Grandma and Grandpa used to give them candy, but now they put a dollar in a card and send it to them for the special day.
In addition, if I'm feeling particularly ambitious, I'll tint a loaf of bread to match the holiday for lunch.

Posted on: Tue, 01/15/2002 - 8:50am
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If you still want to get the heart filled box of chocolates - you can order from VermontNutFree.com. I was able to order little individual wrapped Santas and the gold coins for Christmas! My son was SO excited to be able to eat them! They are not anymore expensive than what you could buy at the store. Their (the owners) child has a nut allergy so they use NOTHING but safe products. They even send you an informational brochure - which I have copied for our school!

Posted on: Tue, 01/15/2002 - 10:06am
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It's always been my husbands' job to supply us with chocolate for Valentines Day. Before the girls 7 & 12 were born, I also got jewelery. Since I am real concerned he will not buy the appropriate thing, or will buy something for me that Rebecca couldn't share, I e-mailed him the Vermont Nut Free website. How much easier could I make it?
I buy him Valentine's boxer shorts (blush)

Posted on: Tue, 01/15/2002 - 11:18am
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Another quick add for Nut Free... their truffles and carmels are wonderful! I confess to eating the carmels myself. Also York Peppermint Patties have Valentine colored wrappers.
DD is making her valentines out of a craft provided by Family Fun that feature sticks of gum as the main "ingredient". This issue also has super cute nut free penguin cupcakes...

Posted on: Wed, 01/16/2002 - 1:30am
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So far I have only bought a Spangler picture pop. He asked for more rubber stamps since his seem to be running out of ink and I may buy him some stickers, too - maybe a coloring book, stuff like that.

Posted on: Wed, 01/16/2002 - 5:05am
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I just got my parents magazine and there is a receipe in the back for a few neat things. Loolipops that are clear and shaped like hearts. They look easy and I am thinking about a football mug and filling it with little treats for him. Jennifer would love to help making a special dinner I think and decorating a special cake. I am getting excited about this now that i have this thread for help. claire

Posted on: Fri, 01/18/2002 - 5:37am
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My children are not big on candy anyway, so I usually get them a happy that is not food. It depends on what they are into playing with at the time. Good Luck


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