What type of medic alert bracelet for 16 mo???


I have decided after reading the thread below to get 16 mo ds a medic alert bracelet. This way he will be used to it and I won't have to worry about him getting used to it when he is older. My question is what type do you recomend for a 16 mo?? The sports band or the silver one?? He is small for his age (weighs 20 lbs). Thanks

On May 4, 2003

I'd recommend the silver one. It's less cumbersome, easily recognizable and very difficult to get off. You can keep it on for baths too. It's also easier to size and change sizes for those little wrists. Our son had the sport one for a while and if you press on it just right, it can come off. It also gets dirty and we found the elastic that holds the emblem on stretched out of shape very easily and became a nuicance. Hope this helps.

On May 4, 2003

My daughter was 18 months old when we got her MedicAlert bracelet. We ordered the silver one-the MedicAlert saleswoman was very helpful for the sizing of it. My daughter was very tiny at 18 months and we were afraid the silver one would be too cumbersome. She has been wearing it 24/7 ever since-she is now almost 5. We have only had to re-order the chain 1 time since then and it was very easy to do.

Good luck in ordering your bracelet. You will be happy when you do-it gives us a little peace of mind when we, as parents, can't always be around to speak for our children with severe allergies. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


On May 5, 2003

Also wanted to mention that when we had to get a new chain as our kids grew I found most jewelry stores were quite willing to put on the new chain at no cost when they saw it was a medic-alert.

On May 7, 2003

Thanks for all your input. I ordered the bracelet on Monday night, it came today, he is trying to pull it off!!! We keep telling him it has to stay on. I can't believe how fast they sent it!!!!!

------------------ Susan One ds allergic to peanuts and dairy one ds with no allergies

On May 7, 2003

....and he'll probably keep trying to pull it off for a couple of days. I bet by the weekend he won't even remember it's there. Too bad the weather is getting nicer or a long sleeved shirt might solve the problem. Also, make sure it's not too tight or loose - either can be irritating! Good luck and don't let him win!

On Jun 18, 2003

I found out about my daughter's food alergy at 12 mo. At first I got her the matal one, but it bothered her and was alwasy getting scratched. She is now 4 and has a sports band from american medical identifications ([url]http://www.americanmedial-id.com[/url]). They have styles for boys and girls and are very affordable.