What to write to send home to all the students?


Help. I have been compiling information for the last year and still don't have enough. My almost 6 yearold PA daughter starts kindergarten next week and I feel overwhelmed. I need to write a letter to send home with the students regarding the peanut allergy and asking the parents to explain to the kids how severe it is and to feel free to contact me if they have any questions. I don't know exactly what to put in the letter. The school will print them out and distribute them. They will also be putting them into English, Spanish and Kreole, as we live in south florida with alot of people not speaking english. If anyone has any other ideas about thing I need to say or do, please email me and let me know. I have ordered several things from the food allergy network and some books from peanut allergy site. I just don't feel I have covered enough. My email is: [email]Allergy2Peanuts@aol.com[/email] Thank you all.

On Aug 10, 2001

Try this site. They have several sample letters to chose from. Cursor down to the area called sample school letters.

Good Luck, hope this link works for you!


On Aug 11, 2001

Hi Momof4, Our preschool director is wonderful, and has lots of great suggestions. I came up with a draft, and she made suggestions. I came up with a second draft, and she corrected a few type-os, and then approved it. Her input was invaluable.

We tried to use a