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What to feel PA/Tree Nut/Sesame Allergic toddler

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Hello everyone - here's my question - I would like some input from those with Peanut/Tree Nut Allergy children to give me an idea of what they would consider safe foods at restaurants..do we feed them grilled cheese, burgers, mashed potatoes, vegetables (who says they have to eat french fries??)grilled chicken pieces instead of fried nuggets??Pizza...I am just overwealmed and want to know my 15 month old son will be able to eat SOMETHING at restaurants.

ANy input would be appreciated.


On Apr 7, 2003

My DD is 13 months old and we seem to go to the same handful of restaurants. I've asked the same PA (she's PA only) questions at all of them and have been satisfied with the answers.

Italian is the easiest for us because she likes pasta and chicken. Breakfast places are pretty easy too. At the other places I'll order something grilled without a sauce and share my meal with her. We never go to Asian or Mexican restaurants with her!

On Apr 8, 2003

Jeanine, I am just curious why you avoid Mexican restaurants with your child? I ask because we have absolutely NEVER had problems with our PA/Egg Allergic preschooler, who at your child's age was also soy and wheat allergic. In fact, we still RARELY go anywhere else. (To any other type of restaurant, that is.)

On Apr 11, 2003

The mexican restaurant that we go to uses roasted peanuts in their mole sauce, and spicier sauces.

We are friends with the owner, who is familar with our son, and takes extra precautions when we are there. I don't know if I would take him to any other mexican place outside of this one, as this is a tradional ingrediant in most moles.

On Apr 18, 2003

grilled cheese? burgers?

Those both use breads. Breads (until home made) risk cross contamination with sesame seeds. This is also true of breaded chicken, breaded fish, BREADED anything.

On Apr 18, 2003

If they serve peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, I don't eat at the restaurant. The knife to make the peanut buter sanwich could also be used to slice the bread for the grilled cheese sandwich, and the knife to spread the peant butter could also be used to take the jelly out of the jar. As a result, the jam/jelly would be contaminated with pb so ordering toast with jam would be dangerous.

On Apr 18, 2003

AnnaMarie: You are right - I wasn't thinking about the bread - I am new to this whole Pa thing although we had a reaction a few weeks ago to eggplant I breaded - the bread crumbs I used had sesame in them...another blow to my psyche - ok so burgers and grilled chicken at restaurants ok..wWHAT DO YOU FEED YOUR CHILD/CHILDREN WHEN YOU GO TO RESTAURANTS?? I WOULD LOVE SOME SUGGESTIONS.

On Apr 18, 2003

We never went to restaurants with our son until he got much older. I figured the restaurant was a treat for me but my son did not care. We did take out and fed DS home food that was safe.

It was too difficult to try to be sure the restaurant was safe. If your favorite Mexican restaurant uses Peanuts in their Mole sauce then your son is breathing peanuts in the air in that restaurant.

He might not be reacting now but the accumulation of what he is breathing might cause him to react later on. He's building up antibodies and that is what makes reactions.

It is possible I am wrong here. Our world is pretty small because of our son's allergies. He is 18 now and mostly responsible for himself. If we see peanuts on the menu we leave the restaurant.


On Apr 18, 2003


My son is also allergic to peanuts and sesame. We don't usually order food for him in regular restaurants because there are so many ingredients and there's so much potential for cross-contamination. He does eat at chain & fast food restaurants frequently since the ingredients are more standardized and don't change from one visit to the next.

McDonald's does have sesame seed buns but he eats the plain buns there and has never had a reaction from cross contamination. I check his burger carefully before he eats it. We never eat at Burger King because all of their burgers are on sesame seed buns.

We also let him eat at Chili's (usually he orders mac&cheese or cheese pizza from the kids menu).

He eats at KFC. He eats their breaded chicken and has had no problems. They have a website and you can check their ingredients.

He eats Domino's, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell.

He doesn't eat at Subway because they have sesame seeds and peanut butter cookies that are baked right there in the restaurant.

If we are going to eat at a restaurant, we usually go to ethnic restaurants like Chinese, Middle Eastern, Mexican, and we never order any food for him there. We bring his Happy Meal and he eats that. Some people don't want their PA kids even sitting in a Chinese restaurant, which I understand, but we've always done this without any problems.

We don't eat out with him that often. It's pretty rare. Usually we order takeout and eat at home.

I'm just trying to give you an idea how we handle it, since you asked, but you will find what works for you. Different people have different ways of handling it. Good luck.

On Apr 18, 2003

Janro- This allergy is overwhelming at first, but you kind of get used to taking precautions. We eat out and always bring PA DD's food. She is 5 1/2. I would never let her eat anything I or DH have not prepared ourselves. She loves eating out and always gets to choose her favorite foods to bring with us. The only bad thing is that I have to wash dishes when we get home from a restaurant!

On Apr 18, 2003

I guess I may have sounded a bit harsh back there. Our comfort zone is very small because when we found out DS was PA we knew no one else we could go to for adivce. We had to make our own rules and they have worked for so long we are reluctant to change now.

DS does eat Dominoes, McDonalds, Burger King, and a few other places but to sit in the restaurant, if there are Peanuts on the menu he chooses to stay out.

You are developing your own comfort zone. Everyone is different. I just worry about low level airborne type contamination and wonder if that is why my son now reacts to airborne peanuts. I would still encourage anyone with a young child to cut back on low level contaminants.


On Apr 20, 2003

Due to my sesame seed allergy I no longer eat in restaurants. I have found only one that I feel safe with, and honestly, I know it's become risky this last year, but since I haven't had any reactions there I have continued eating their food.

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By wendyhasara on Feb 4, 2013

Subway told me they do not use sesame in any products except their terriaki sauce. Our Subway does not have peanut butter cookies. They have chocolate chocolate ship, chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin.