what to eat/not eat while pregnant?


I am 17 weeks pregnant with my second baby. My first, now 21 months, is allergic to peanuts, all milk products and wheat. My niece is also highly allergic including PA. While I have read that research shows a connection between eating peanuts and nursing and PA, is there a true connection between pregnancy and eating peanuts? What about milk products? I have eaten peanut butter once since pregnant this time. Could that one time make a difference. What can I do to help avoid food allegies in this baby?

On Aug 15, 2001

When I was pregnant with my first son I lived on peanut buster parfaits from Dairy Queen. I did the same with my second son. My second son has PA/TA. My oldest does not. My second son has alot of other allergies, asthma etc. With my last two children I did not eat any nuts or peanuts. I did not want to take any chances of going through this with another one. My last two have not tasted a peanut or a nut so I don't know if they are allergic or not. The children are 11, 9, 5, and nine months.

I don't know what the right thing to do is. I wouldn't eat the peanuts/nuts or seafood. That is my personal choice.

Good luck to you, and don't worry so much about eating peanuts once. Your only human!

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On Aug 15, 2001

I personally wouldn't worry too much about eating PB or peanuts one time.

When pregnant with my 3 year old DD I ate PB EVERY DAY and foods with nuts. I had gestational diabetes and PB was a "safe" food on my diet - I also nursed her for 11 months still eating PB every day. She is PA and who knows what else (have to wait forever for appt.) Anyway - with 2nd pregnancy I didn't know about 1st DDs allergy but I did not crave or eat PB as much. Hopefully 2nd DD will not have the same problem (although she has asthma). If I knew then what I know now........I would not have eaten PB or nuts while pregnant (or at least avoided it as much as possible)!

Good luck to you and congratulations!

On Aug 15, 2001

Hi, Congratulations! Don't worry about the PB one time- Everything in moderation is ok!!! I myself will never let another miniscule amount of peanut cross my lips, pregnant or otherwise, but that is my personal reaction to my son's allergy. If I become pregnant again, i would avoid peanuts and nuts, and not worry about the rest too much. And everything in moderation.

Astrid, Mom in Reston, VA

On Sep 10, 2001

I have to tell you about my experience which may be helpful. While I was pregant with my daughter(now 2 years old) I ate peanut butter on toast most evenings before bed thinking that this would be a great source of protein for her overnight until I ate again the next day. My daughter became PA at about 14 months old. Once I got the test results back positive on this I started doing some research on this because I just could not understand how this could happen. There is no family history of PA on both my husbands or my side. She has other food allergies but does not cause her great harm as PA can do. I found out on the internet that by eating foods that can cause a allergic reaction (including peanuts) while you are pregnant can sensitize them to that food. Needless to say I blame myself for her having PA, the guilt is awful to carry around. My obstetritian never told me about this while I was pregnant, actually peanut butter was looked at as a good source of protein. The book I read like a bible "What to expect while you are expecting" did not say a word about it either! I discussed the information I found with my daughters pediatric allergist and she knew about it! She said that they are doing studies on this and finding that this might be contributing to children that develop this PA! Why is it that I did not find this out until after my child had a reaction to peanuts! I never did anything out of the way while pregnant, I was extremley aware of things I ate or drank. Just think of how many other women out there will do the same as I did and not even realize this until it is to late, why was the word not out sooner on this even if it was still under studies??

Any one else with a similar experienc?


On Sep 10, 2001

My son is PA/TNA, my SIL has an egg allergy and my husband's uncle has a wheat allergy. I asked the allergist if I should avoid all those when pregnant and nursing and he said no because eggs and wheat are in so many things that I would actually end up compromising the baby's health more than helping. He said just avoid the big 4 - fish, shellfish, peanuts and tree nuts.

On Sep 10, 2001

Yes, it is very frustrating that doctors don't educate or know themselves about dangers of allergies in pregnancy. My ob and allergist both said there's no need to avoid peanuts while pregnant just to avoid it while nursing. I am avoiding it along with nuts and most fish (except tunafish). While my son is allergic to wheat and milk also, I'm not avoiding them. I have to draw the line somewhere.

On Sep 10, 2001

locate the info from the American Academy of Pediatrics, please post a link to what you find regarding their recommendation (finally).

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