What should we do?

Posted on: Mon, 09/24/2007 - 12:09pm
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Every year our little town host a large festival that has become a huge part of our history and traditions The problem is it is the Floresville PEANUT Festival. This is our first festival since Ds was diagnosed. I am very unsure what to do. I hate for him to be left out yet I can

Posted on: Mon, 09/24/2007 - 12:32pm
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Now is the time to go to Disneyworld.
If you want to try the carnival send your dh or someone to scout it out first.
I think the whole thing sounds like a nightmare.
The way I see it is this. My son IS going to miss some things. He already has. It makes me sad. I am not a good model because I think that my social circle grows smaller and smaller because of PA. BUT -- what my son dreams of IS important. What he will not miss out on is realizing his dreams. (I hope). What is really important to him, it is my goal as mom to support him in getting. He loves the outdoors. I won't deprive him of that because of the chance he'll eat a peanut in the woods. Sorry. Others feel differently. But loving nature is part of him. Miss a carnival or a birthday? I can't even prevent it if I tried.

Posted on: Mon, 09/24/2007 - 12:45pm
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We live in N. Florida and really close to THE PEANUT Festival of the South in Dothan, Alabama. Nightmare for us and I am sorry, but there is NO way we venture anywhere near. I really think that going is too dangerous. Just my opinion, but there are things they are going to have to miss out on sometimes. Sorry!
Stacie - Mother to:
11 yr. PA
8 yr. TNA
3 yr. PA&TNA

Posted on: Mon, 09/24/2007 - 12:52pm
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Quote:Originally posted by hopechapel:
[b]Now is the time to go to Disneyworld.
Wouldn't that be nice [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/biggrin.gif[/img]
DH just can home and it must have been on his mind too. He sugested that we go into San Antonio for the weekend and go to the Zoo or something.

Posted on: Mon, 09/24/2007 - 1:24pm
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Hi Mom2Ian:
I usually try to not have my son miss out on things due to his PA...but in the scenario you just described, I would take a pass! I second the suggestion to go to the zoo or something else fun in its place. Time to start a new family tradition!
I am sorry that you have to miss something that has been fun in the past. Hopefully you will find a good alternative.

Posted on: Mon, 09/24/2007 - 11:56pm
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I also try not to have PA limit what my child can do, but a situation with peanuts everywhere seems too much. IMO, plan a very fun, safe alternative activity and your ds won't mind missing that festival. If you decide to take dd to the festival, I would play it up to ds as getting special time alone with one of his parents. If I had family members going somewhere with peanuts everywhere, I'd have them strip down and put the clothes straight into the washing machine when they get home (run it on the hot cycle to break down the peanut protein). If there will be peanut shells all over the ground, I'd also have them bring a change of shoes so they don't track peanut into the car. Bag up the shoes they wear at the festival and run them through the washing machine, too. That's how I'd handle it!

Posted on: Tue, 09/25/2007 - 3:31am
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The way I look at it is this...
Do you go to every parade, festival, carnival, party invite that comes your way? I'm sure the answer is no...who could. (expense, scheduling conflicts, etc.) This is just one that you can't go to. They are many others that you can go to, just not this one.
Have fun as a family doing something else or a nice lazy day at home!
Every summer my family drives past the Dothan, Alabama National Peanut Festival site. I thank my lucky stars it's not during the summer months (I believe it's in November?)

Posted on: Tue, 09/25/2007 - 4:14am
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Unfortunately, pa does sometimes change our lifestyles.
I really try to allow my son to do most normal kid things. He goes to Yankee games, hockey games, etc.
What you've described, even if you could get out at the end of the day safely, doesn't sound like it could possibly be enjoyable for you or your child.
I would skip it....a day of fun is not worth a trip to the ER or the chance your child could react.
I would start a new family tradition and do it every year on the Peanut Festival Day.

Posted on: Tue, 09/25/2007 - 4:26am
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Or you could go to Dallas for the State Fair--if it's still on (I'm not in Texas anymore).
But don't eat the corny dogs or anything fried--pretty much all is fried in peanut oil.
Still, if you byofood, you could have a great time! My favorite part is the parade at nightfall.
Say hi to Big Tex for me if you go.
Otherwise, SA would be great (be careful of peanut flour as an ingredient there).
But I wouldn't go--no one in the family. Anyone who goes will likely bring peanut dust home. Who needs to worry about that?

Posted on: Tue, 09/25/2007 - 4:37am
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I would not go. There are going to many parades, carnivals, festivals etc. Why go this one that could potentially harm your child. If I went I wouldn't have a good time at all because I would be constantly be nervous. What fun is that.....

Posted on: Tue, 09/25/2007 - 7:40am
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Quote:Originally posted by McCobbre:
[b]Or you could go to Dallas for the State Fair--if it's still on (I'm not in Texas anymore).
Oh that

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