What should I do with expired EPI-PENS?

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Well thankgoodness I have not had to use them but they now expire in june and got to get some new ones tomm,but any suggestions on what to do with these I dont just want to throw them in the garbage.I was wondering if my dh could practice adminster them into a melon or peach or something..sound silly huh? I have had to use 2 previously with my DS but he hasnt and is a little timid by them,any suggestions?? Thanks a bunch

------------------ CaCeeK

On May 30, 2005

I suggest using them for practise on an orange then take them to your pharmacist for disposal. Don't throw them in the garbage.

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On May 30, 2005

Practice practice practice. Peg

On May 30, 2005

We (parents and kids) practice on oranges, too. I think it's good to do this, because I noticed that there's a difference in the "feel" between the Epipen Trainers and real Epipens.


On May 31, 2005

The nurse at DS's school likes to train the teachers with real EpiPens when she can. I send all of my expired pens to her.