What might have caused this rash?


Hi all,

For more than a few weeks now my 15 month old son has had sort of a baby acne looking rash around his mouth. There are no whiteheads or anything like that, and it's not raised and irritated looking like the eczema he sometimes gets on patches of his body. There are just small red spots like a rash.

When he had his well baby checkup with the pediatrician this week, the ped said it was just drool rash. Since he has been drooling and teething, I went along with that.

But this morning my husband fed him citrus fruits and wheat toast with butter, cinnamon and sugar. He has the toast with cinnamon and sugar on a regular basis (not the greatest I know but he'll actually EAT it in his picky toddler phase). He also has mandarin oranges regularly but not the canned grapefruit and oranges that he had today. Today the rash seemed worse than usual, it is up to his cheeks and all around his mouth, his face has a reddish cast because of it.

He doesn't seem to be bothered by it or itching. Do you think it's the acidity that is bothering his skin? Or can cinnamon be an irritant? Thanks for any insight you have! I just want his skin to clear up!


On Oct 8, 2006

Do a search on [b]oral allergy syndrome[/b] and see if it fits. Then again there are lots of people allergic to cinnamon. Peg

On Oct 8, 2006

This is the exact thing that used to happen to Jake before we diagnosed his peanut allergy. Now for some reason, I NEVER gave him any PN or TN product, dont know why....had a thing about it. But we did eat pb and nuts and kiss him. It was only when he actually licked a pb sandwich at 3 years old (I felt it was time to test him) that he had his terrible reaction. So to me that rash....sounds very much like a reaction to something either he or you or your husband is having. Just my thoughts

On Oct 9, 2006

When my son was around that age he would get this from his pacifier. My friends child with no allergies would get the same thing. It does sound like a drool rash from what you said. He may have sensative skin and the oranges just irritated it. My son has gotten it a few times when eating Navel oranges. My son had lots of mystery hives around 19mos to 2yrs old a time when everything went into his mouth. Now that he is 2 1/2 he doesn't get many.

On Oct 9, 2006

Food/drink high in acid can cause a rash around the mouth, or wherever they touch. My guess is that it was caused by the citrus that he had. Tomatoes can be another common culprit.

On Oct 9, 2006

Actually, now that you mention it my son used to get a red rash wherever ketchup or salsa touched. I just remembered that. I do think it was the citrus.