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Posted on: Wed, 05/19/2004 - 2:56am
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Quote:Originally posted by Sandra Y:
[b]Cetaphil contains macadamia nut oil--I just got it by prescription and was not pleased when I read the ingredient list. But mine was purchased in Korea and manufactured in France, so check the label--it's possible that inactive ingredients vary from one country to another. [/b]
The cream in the jar (at least what I have seen in Chicago) has macadamia nut oil. The lotion in the bottle does not.

Posted on: Wed, 05/19/2004 - 3:59am
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Right, the lotion cleanser of Cetaphil does not have the nut oil, it is the cream. I just checked this out recently and bought the cleanser to try on ds. It is a cleanser you can just wipe away, so more like a lotion with no lather. I found it made me get a pimple or two despite no clog claims and such. Did nothing either way for ds's skin.

Posted on: Wed, 05/19/2004 - 4:19am
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We've used Lubriderm for Sensitive skin. It was one of the few on the shelves that did not have some variety which contained nut oils. However, I did not call the manufacturer.

Posted on: Wed, 05/19/2004 - 6:08am
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I have the "Don't go to the Cosmetic's counter without me book" and if you are looking to somewhat repair sun damaged skin, I read that you need a lotion with alpha hydroxy acids in it.
Check out this site: [url="http://www.cosmeticcop.com."]www.cosmeticcop.com.[/url] Maybe there are some suggestions here of what you can use. Here is a page of the site that I found that details out dry skin/sun damage and what elements in products work best for this:

Posted on: Wed, 05/19/2004 - 6:25am
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We use GlaxoBase and Glysomed (the ones for hands we use on the whole body because it is a great mosturizer!) - both seem to work well.

Posted on: Wed, 05/19/2004 - 6:31am
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I would be careful with the Alpha Hydroxy stuff. My son broke out in a serious rash w/hives after using CVS brand w/alphahydroxy. This was before we knew about the PA, so at that point I was only treating eczema and looking for fragrance free products.

Posted on: Wed, 05/19/2004 - 8:24am
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Thx everyone for all the great advice/ideas!

Posted on: Wed, 05/19/2004 - 11:19am
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How about plain baby oil or vaseline? I used to add baby oil to my bath water and it was sooo softening. Made a mess of the tub so that's why I don't use it anymore.
Have you contacted Neutrogena. Their body oil is quite refreshing, too. It has sesame oil so maybe just for you and not the kids.

Posted on: Wed, 05/19/2004 - 2:22pm
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Udderly Smooth. Yep. A cow cream. My four year old is allergic to gluten, dairy, and peanuts so I have to check for those ingredients. He also sucks on his finger at night so I needed something without all the ingredients that require a PhD to translate. We've tried many products including good old Vaseline but they were greasy or didn't work good. This stuff works wonders and it's not greasy.
I found Udderly Smooth in Wal-Mart for less than $2.00 for a 4 oz tube. The company that makes it said that it was originally formulated for cows to help with cracks in their udders from milking and that the farmers noticed that their own hands were better after applying the product. And that's how it got started.
It has four ingredients. That's it. Just feel kinda silly when I pick up its white and black spot cow packaging saying "Udder Cream" on it. Grin. Julie B.

Posted on: Thu, 05/20/2004 - 1:36am
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Udderly smooth doesn't contain dairy??? Dooof.
I have seen this and did not bother looking at the ingredients. I just figured it would have milk. DS has milk allergy.
The cow print on the label kind of creeps me out though [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/eek.gif[/img]


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