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What is the source of this contradiction?

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I've been doing some research on airborne peanut allergies. I've come across some accounts by doctors who claim that anaphylaxis/allergies due to airborne proteins are very rare and extreme, while I've read multiple stories of children reacting to peanut dust on airplanes and other places. Am I misunderstanding something or what's going on?

By smithdcrk on Jun 2, 2015

From the reading I have done, the key to anaphlaxis is ingesting the protein. However, every individual will react differently to an allergen. Knowing how your child reacts will help you make the best decision for him or her.

My daughter is allergic to peanuts and reacts to peanut dust. She develops the same symptoms that she does for her tree pollen allergies. A warning that her system is on alert, but not life threatening to date.

We no longer attend ball games. Because no one is shelling or tossing peanuts on airplanes, we do travel by air. But we notify the airline ahead of time, get pre-board passes to wash surfaces, travel with a seat cover and bring snacks.