What is current PA info on Atrovent?


I am currently taking Advair and Albuterol (Ventolin) for cough-variant asthma. It seems that this spring, I'm coughing continuously...and frankly, Scarlett, I'm tired of it!

I have a prescription for Atrovent from my allergist. I haven't filled it because I have a good supply of Ventolin....and because I've heard that Atrovent is contraindicated for PA.

But now I'm wondering if a different med might help the cough. This evening I did a search here on PA.com and waded through tons of old postings on Atrovent. Now I'm confused.

The doctor that gave me the Atrovent prescription is supposed to be one of the best, especially with PA. Is PA really a contraindication of Atrovent? Does anyone here take it?

And finally, if you use Atrovent, is it expensive?

Thanks! Adele

On Apr 25, 2006

Hi Adele

Atrovent is much cheaper than Advair, although I haven't used it since switching to Advair, which works for me.

Atrovent was never contra-indicated because of the drug itself, but rather beacause a soy-based propellant was used in the inhalers ad there was a PA warning because of the risk of cross-reactions. About a year ago this was switched to a non-cfc propellant, here in Canada anyways, so Atrovent is no longer contra-indicated for PA>

The liquid nebules used with a nebulizer were also never contra-indicated for PA.

I would ask your pharmacist to find out whether the inhaler you are purchasing has the old propellant (contra-indicated for PA) or the new non-cfc propellant.

good luck and hope this helps


On Apr 26, 2006

DebO, thanks for your information! Much appreciated. Adele

On Apr 26, 2006

Good suggestion DebO.

Whenever my doctor has prescribed any medication for my dd, the pharmacist has always been the one everyone (including the doctor) has relied on for accurate dispensing. At the nationwide pharmacy we solicit, her file is red flagged peanut allergy; that indicates that the prescription must be re-checked to ensure safety. Pharmacists know more about drugs than doctors; its their job.

On Apr 27, 2006

We were told a couple weeks ago that Atrovent is still a PA no-no by both our allergist and pharmacist (here in the States).

Ventolin is what we use. ~phos