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Kind of long, so bear with me. My ds is allergic to gluten, dairy and of course peanuts. We had him skin tested in April and his score for wheat went from a 4 to a 1. The allergist suggested that we give him some wheat and see how he reacts. We didn't give him any until last week. He had a few popcorn chicken chunks from Market Day. Half hour after eating, he said that his stomach hurt and vomited once. We watched closely all night and he had no other reactions (hives, swelling, wheezing, etc.) The next day he appeared to have a cold with coughing. His regular doctor was out so we saw another doctor. He said that he had bronchitis, so we followed the orders accoring to the bronchitis. We took him to a follow-up and his regular peditrician said that he had an ana. reaction. She said that any time a child complains of his stomach hurting after eating a new food, we should consider it ana and give him the epi. The problem is, we called the company and they absolutely assured us that the chicken contained no nuts/not in a facility/no may contain, etc. Here are my questions: 1) Could he have an ana reaction to a food that he went from a 4 to 1 on the scale? Or could it be something else (celiac's disease, etc.)? 2) Have any of you been told to always use an epi when vomiting occurs shortly after eating? What about when there is no other symptoms? 3) Could the coughing the next day be related to the ingestion the night before even though he had no wheezing or coughing the entire night of the ingestion?

Thank you all so much!

On Sep 27, 2004

I really don't trust SPT for food allergies. For starters, the serum might be old or temperature-damage or might not contain *all* the potential allergenic proteins in wheat.

I've had negative SPT results and then had an anaphylactic reaction to very small amounts of that substance later that day or week.


On Sep 28, 2004

My son tests at a 2, using both skin and blood tests, to milk and reacts violently and anaphylactically to it. He tests much higher to wheat and does not react as badly to that.

Believe what you saw. Your son probably reacted to the wheat in the food, and I would consider his reaction anaphylactic. His cough the next day was probably caused by the histamines which were triggered by the reaction.