What if she can\'t Smell peanut products?

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My little sister is PA and can't even smell the peanut products. Once she was in the hospital for 2 days after going into anaphalactic shock. Why? we walked through an aisle in the grocery store that had an open Mr Goodbar (contains peanuts) on the shelf. It was too late when we found out that, that was the case. anyway, on Wednesday evening my family will address the school board about her condition, they want to make a "peanut free table" for her at lunch, but that won't be good enough because she'll still be able to smell it, despite doctors letters and such, they won't budge, they feel this is reasonable. If anyone is in a similar situation or hasd any advice, please let me know!

On Jul 24, 2000

Hi~I think it's great that you are posting and finding information for your younger sister. Welcome to the board! I'm confused about the policies in your sister's school. In another post you mentioned that she attends a private Christian school that has practically banned peanut products during the three days that your sister attends. Is this a different school board then that your parents are meeting with or have they lifted the ban on peanuts?

On Jul 25, 2000

I'm sorry for not clarifying, The school board which we must address is for the public school system, they do not govern over this private school which she currently attends. She can't keep going there because of cost, i think we have it covered for this year, but we're looking into avenues for next year. She attends school all 5 days of the school week, it's just that on Tuesday and Thursday she is removed from class and spends the afternoon (from lunch on) with the principle who makes time for her each of these days. This way peanuts are not totally banned, but she is still safe. After a long discussion with the news reporters though we have decided to wait until nexy months meeting to address the issue, this way we will be more prepared. I'm making a phone call to the senator today and other people whom she gave me the numbeers of. Our position is that if they can't provide her with a safe learning environment, like her current school, then they should pay for her to attend that school. In our district, if a problem child is expelled from school, our district pays another school almost $4,000.00 to take that child. So then, why can't they pay for her to go to a safe school? We have already asked and they said they would not ban the products and would not pay for her education. I don't know if there are any legal reasons supporting this, but i intend to find out, any help anyone can give would be great! And thanks, i really enjoy this site, it's full of useful information!