What happens....benadryl on top of a few drinks?

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Does anyone know if Benadryl is safe after having a few drinks?

What if you're celebrating something - at a party or whatever - and you've had a few drinks - even a few too many - and then you have a reaction?

I've heard that alcohol will increase the effect of Benadryl. Would you still take 2 x 25mg dose??

edited to add: not that a woman of my age would have to worry about such a thing! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/biggrin.gif[/img]

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On Aug 19, 2007

Adele I'll bet that in this twisted world of PA you can be sure that Alcohol enhances any reactions you might have at the time. Then you add Benadryl. Does not sound good to me.

All advice leans toward no Benadryl with alcohol but in light of possible anaphylaxis? Who knows. Ask around at your doctors or even in an ER.

So does that mean you quit drinking? I know my son drinks but only rarely one beer or whatever it is he drinks, one glass of wine. He and I talked about poor judgement while drinking and taking a handful of those peanut m&ms on the bar. But we never talked about how alcohol might be bad with Benadryl so I say assume it's bad.


On Aug 19, 2007

Hi Peg, I've caught myself (stone cold sober) a time or two, with my hand halfway to a dish of snack stuff - before I remembered....'can't have that!'. A little alcohol might well numb the sense of caution.

But geez - the diet is already severely restricted - but also not enjoy a glass of wine?

On Aug 19, 2007

Adele "A" glass of wine. Yes. Half a bottle of wine and not home and safe? No. It goes with what we all know anyway. Alcohol is not safe even for the non allergic. You can't bargain with me young lady. Peg

On Aug 19, 2007

Ahhh Peg - you can see right through me.

On Aug 19, 2007

Adele this is not advice and it is not advice for anyone else here but my MD husband says "you gotta do what you gotta do."

If you have had a bit more than usual to drink and are reacting to whatever you have to do what will save your life and THEN seek help.

He says it should not be a problem mixing the two but you did not hear that from me and no one else did either. Or will teach it to their kids.

I know Adele is my exact age (somewhere like as old as the hills...) and will take this as a guideline not total advice.


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On Aug 19, 2007

Peg, thanks for that bit of info that I didn't hear from you! Much appreciated.

When my son was growing up, I didn't dare have a bottle of wine in the frig. Now - I have a glass of wine EVERY night. Oh my! What a lush.

But sometimes, if the occasion is right, I'm with friends and don't have to drive - I'll have TWO glasses of wine.

And sometimes, if the occasion is REALLY right, I'm with friends and don't have to drive, I'll have three!

Doesn't happen often...but this is when I worry about impaired judgement where food is involved. For example, I just returned home from a one-week painting trip with good friends. We painted...we ate....and put away quite a bit of wine in the evenings. I'm also surrounded by unsafe food at this annual trip (which is usually in the middle of nowhere), which is what prompted my question.


On Aug 19, 2007


Just from my personal experience, I would think it would be okay, but that you would get insanely tired from it.

I have, in the past, had up to three drinks while taking a 150mg anti-depressant with a big red "DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL WITH THIS MEDICATION" sticker. YES, I asked my pharmacist and doctor, and they said that the worst that would happen is that I'd get way tired. Again, this only applies to me and is in no way medical advice for anyone else.

So I imagine the effect with benedryl would be the same, drowsiness, but on a larger scale because benedryl tends to knock people out anyway.

But *and this part IS medical advice* I would not drive with this combo, even if you are below the legal limit with the alcohol. In fact, if I were having a reaction while intoxicated, I'd call an ambulance or have someone drive me to the ER and at the very least hang out in the parking lot or waiting room for a while with someone else keeping an eye on me. Because like Peg said, alcohol can intensify a reaction and skew judgement. You may physically see the hives, but the alcohol may make you not see the second symptom that signals ANA. And alcohol can silence your "impending doom" warning bells that tend to go off when you're in anaphylaxsis.