What foods are you afraid to feed you kids with food allergies?

Posted on: Tue, 02/27/2007 - 11:09am
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I have a whole list that won't feed my daughter. She is almost 4 and allergic to eggs, peanuts, tree nuts and tests super low for cod fish. I've never directly fed her fish (even tuna, salmon), shellfish, whorsteshire sauce (anchovices in it) kidney beans, pinto beans, sesame seeds, flax seeds.

I guess I'm just afraid of adding more allergies to her list. Am I being irrational? By the way, she is due for her CAP RAST next week and I requested that she be tested for all the above in addition to her past positive ones. If negative, should I try to introduce some of these foods?

Posted on: Tue, 02/27/2007 - 11:33am
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We are also very leary of introducing any new foods to either of our ds's. We have our comfort zone and that is what we stick to I guess. We did finally let our 4 yr old try fish ,shrimp and crab after his latest RAST where he had no numbers to any. But believe me I was still standing there on edge, had the epipens and benedryl out and ready but out of his sight and I watched him like a hawk the rest of the day. I still won't let him eat anything with sesame even though he has never tested for this, just makes me nervous... Our other ds just turned 1 so I am even more strict with what I allow him to have. So no you aren't alone in being uneasy about introducing new foods!

Posted on: Tue, 02/27/2007 - 11:35am
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I've never given them shell fish, coconut, sunflower seeds....I think that is it though. For my younger 2(and the baby), they've never had any peanutbutter(even though tested negative so far) any nuts what-so-ever, no soy(no soy milk, soy yogurt, soy cheese). I think we need to be cautious, but we need to do so without being fearful....and having that fear cause us to feed our kids unhealthy(like a fear to feed them things they are NOT allergic too) in extreme cases I've heard of kids becoming malnurished(sp?)
Chanda(mother of 4)
Sidney-8 (beef and chocolate, grasses, molds, weeds, guinea pig & asthma)
Jake-6 (peanut, all tree nuts, eggs, trees, grasses, weeds, molds, cats, dogs, guinea pig & eczema & asthma)
Carson-3 1/2 (milk, soy, egg, beef and pork, cats, dog, guinea pig and EE)
Savannah-1 (milk and egg)

Posted on: Tue, 02/27/2007 - 12:33pm
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Our kids have had tuna but no other type of fish, so I'm leery of giving them any fish (btw we use a worcestershire sauce that has no fish in it-angostura brand) and I'm terrified of them trying shellfish. I won't let dd have anything with mango in it even though her cashew skin test was negative (but it was positive, mildly, the first time she was tested). I have a can of chickpeas that I was going to use in a recipe but I'm paranoid to try it. We were pretty nervous about sunflower seeds but they all can eat those fine.

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