What exactly is a 504, and what is considered \"pn free\"?


i am having a problem at my son's daycare. he is just under 11 months old, and i learned yesterday that they either have or may have fed him products that were from an unknown origin (mini bagels that were made in the facility kitchen, no one could say whether or not they were pn free). i can forsee this being a problem of course. granted, this is a private daycare, not a school district, but ive been doing some reading, and have seen a lot about this 504 thing... but nothing that clearly states WHAT it is... can anyone help me out?

also, if a classroom/school is designated peanut free, i get that it means no one is allowed to bring in peanut products of any sort, but what about may contains or processed on? how good are the schools about monitoring this sort of thing? Thanks in advance!

On Feb 6, 2008


I just replied to your other post. From what I understand a 504 would apply to any school that receives federal funding - so all public and any private that get additional money from a lunch program etc. It is a law under the disability act - where if your child need special accomdations (such as peanut free table) the school is required to provide that in the least restrictive environment - here is a thread 50 pages long that discussses it - on page 12 about half way down are some good references though.


Depends on the school. I have heard of some where if a child brings in a peanut item it is sent home. At mine (supposedly peanut free) I have seen kids bring stuff in and that didn't happen. The pet food they had for the guinea pig - had peanuts in it. I have seen peanut butter sandwiches at lunch in my sons room. I have seen may contains many many times. Ours is a parents provide the snacks though which is harder to control.

It is a real problem, I feel for what you are going through!