what does \peanut free\ mean to you?

Posted on: Fri, 06/01/2001 - 4:13am
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pHi everyone! It just came to my attention during a different thread in the "schools" section, that many of us have a different idea as to what is "peanut free". I thought this topic warrented it own thread. I wanted to throw out the questions, 1)what does "peanut free" mean to you? and 2) how successful have you been in implementing it?/p
pI guess I will go first. "Peanut free" to me, means that the school and/or classroom does not allow any "peanut products" in. By "peanut products" I mean products that have peanuts as an ingrediant, not products that may be cross contaminated. For instance, my son's preschool classroom was what I considered to be "peanut free". No one was allowed to bring in PB, cookies or treats that contained peanuts,etc. My view is that allowing these types of products into the classroom would poss a sizeable risk for my son./p
pHowever, neither I, nor the school, restricted items that could possibly be cross-contaminiated (ie, non-peanut bakery items, cookies w/non-specified choc chips,etc). To me, these items pose little if any risk to Dan as long as they are not ingested. On the days where there was a "questionable treat", Dan was provided with another snack./p
pWe were quite successful with the above and my comfort level (which I know is different for everyone) was good. I felt it would be too overwhelming for the other parents to learn everything about cross contamination...I probably won't trust their judgment anyways. The other parents in the class were very receptive, and often did call me personallly to double check snacks. /p
pSo, "peanut free" to me is that Dan is protected from a reaction...not necessarily that he can eat everything brought into the class./p
pAs Dan is only in preschool, we have a long way to go w/schooling...I look forward to any input/experiences from other members./p

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