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What do your hives look like?

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I was just wondering what you consider hives to be? What do they look like? I get these diffuse rash-like bumps on my upper chest pretty often, but I don't know what causes them. They do itch, and I think it is an allergic reaction.

Would hives look like a rash, or more like mosquito bites, or the wheal you get with a scratch test? Does it vary from person to person? Or from reaction to reaction?


On Mar 9, 2004

Hi! I asked something like this about a month ago and no one ever answered me. My dd gets little mosquito bite things one her wrists and arms sometimes. I think it's an allergic reaction. She also had a food challenge a few weeks ago. She got a huge hive that covered her whole cheek. It was raised and mostly red with a white blotch in the middle. If you go to google.com and click images then type hives it shows you pictures of hives. It also shows weird things like pics of a band called the hives. You just have to search through the list. Hope you get more replies I'm not very good at describing things.

Angie & Hunter

On Mar 9, 2004

Here is a link to some pictures.


On Mar 9, 2004


Another link Love this site Synthia

On Mar 9, 2004

Shosh, My son had hives early last summer. I had no idea what it was because it covered his whole trunk and upper arms, and looked sort of swirly and red. Once in a while he gets what looks sort of like a mosquito bite, maybe one or two, which has been identified as a hive. But the rash last summer was very different looking. When I took him in to see the ped., the nurse took one look and said - hives, and then the ped. came in and said - hives. Just seemed to me that hives can look different from time to time. Always, tho, it's been itchy for my son. We never did definitively figure out what that rashy hive episode was about.

On Mar 9, 2004


Hi. My hives have always looked like a mosquito bite. I don't get any redness unless I scratch them. To ease their itch so that I won't scratch, I use Listerine mouth wash believe it or not! (The orignal kind - the flavored ones don't work well.) I smell funny for a few minutes but, for me, it really helps the itch.


On Mar 9, 2004

Thanks for all your replies. I will have my doctor look at them next time I see her. Another question, perhaps best left for another topic, is can you be allergy tested for medications?

On Mar 9, 2004

Shosh, I used to get little itchy dots on my upper chest and neck. I finally figured out they were caused by wearing perfume! It was a skin irritation but not hives (hives are raised and whitish, they start by looking like mosquito bits but as they spread they melt into each other and end up as large raised patches, very inflamed).

My sister had exactly the same problem with itchy dots on her chest, almost like pinpricks and I told her about my problem with perfume. It turned out she was having the same kind of reaction to perfume that I had.

On Mar 9, 2004

There are some meds you can be tested for but usually only ones that can be administered by IV. This is so they can the dosage they need to test you with.

My daughter has been tested for erthyomycin and penicillan this way.