What do you consider an acceptable \'response time\' from administrators?


I communicate pretty regularly with an administrator at the Board of Education office of our school district. Since Mariah received a Section 504 Designation last May there has been lots to figure out accommodation-wise, and we usually e-mail back and forth. Sometimes we meet face-to-face as well.

There are a couple questions I've asked that remain out there, and I'm frustrated by the length of time it's taking to obtain a response. (For example, the final copy of our 504 plan provided to us does not contain a copy of the signature page. I know it exists, and that I should have a copy per "procedural safeguards". I asked for this over a week ago and my request has yet to even be acknowledged.) To me, it seems our school district administrators seem complacent and accept that they may work on a completely different 'clock' than the rest of society.

In general, when you ask your "administration" a question or request information, how soon do you expect a response? 3 days? 2 weeks? I know it depends on the amount/complexity of the request, I'm just asking what your experience and expectations are in general.

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On Oct 3, 2005

The initial request should be acknowledged within 24 hours. If they can't meet the request right away, that should be explained. It's common courtsey (and normal business practice). I would follow up (with e-mail preferrably) saying that you sent a request a week ago for..... and haven't recievedf any reply yet... when can I expect a reply?

On Oct 3, 2005

I had better luck getting a response via email than I did the phone- I never felt like the administrators secretary was getting my messages to her in a timely manner. it always took several days to a week when I left phone messages, vs a same day response every time I e mail her. She reads her own mail, so no middle man, so to speak. good luck! Jen

On Oct 3, 2005

Gail W,

I sure can relate to this frustration.

My experience has ranged the gamut when it comes to getting a copy of the fully executed 504 (w/attached signature page).

Recalling my unbelievable experiences from creating DS's Kindergarten 504 (a few years ago), it required several signatures from school administration; some were local (Principal - aka local 504 coordinator), and some at the district level. All told, it took 2 months of semi-monthly follow-up before we finally got a copy of the signed document. We later found out from someone on the inside that it was due to the principal being the bottleneck (sat on her desk for weeks).

Fast forward to this past year (limited district involvement), and we got the signed document about a week after finalizing the document and signing it ourselves.

In general, I am somewhat accepting of an administration's lack of relative customer focus (just the nature of the beast, even though it drives me bonkers!), but of course it depends on the issue and who were dealing with.

I do appreciate prompt acknowledgement of receipt (even if an answer isn't immediate), but think that it's not unreasonable to generally receive responses (or demonstrate progress) the same week.

BTW, in the case of the signed 504, I'd actually consider a verbal follow-up first. Sometimes, you can get additional info from a secretary re:status, or create movement because sec'y will tire of the constant phone calls...LOL... But, as always, if it begins to drag out, switching to written mode is always advisable, in case there is a need for it later.


On Oct 4, 2005

If it were me ~ I'd email the XYZ administrator and say 'I'm swinging by on Tuesday to pick up our copy of the signed page for our files.'

If the page wasn't enveloped and waiting for me on Tuesday ~ I'd request the frontline staff member to please make a quick copy of this one page then and there [not rocket science to photocopy] while I waited as the 504 was missing our signed page.

If I got so much as a hint of non-compliance by the front line staff with this simple prearranged request ~ I'd whip out my written communication for XYZ administrator for the front line staff to review and with a smile state that I understand that miscommunication sometimes can occur ~ but today was the prearranged time I said I would be in for it. [nothing more needed to be said ~ just me standing there with a smile of sunshine waiting for my copy]

I would not leave until it was in my hands.

On Oct 4, 2005

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In re to the nut insedent in school on the 28 of Aug,We the parents have yet to hear from the [b]school it is now 6:35 computer time.[/b]

7 days I think is enough time. 2 steps back,I feel like I am line dancing all by myself.

Last words where it will be documented and he will call you on Wed. God knows I keep trying.

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