What do you ask at a restaurant?


I'm wondering if someone can tell me what it is I should ask when going out to eat with my PA dd. What types of things should I question them on? Thanks,


On Jun 7, 2005

I always tell the person at the front, that I have a son who has severe peanut allergies and if he will be safe eating in the restaurant. I ask if they use peanuts or peanut oil. Some restaurants will tell you they can't gaurentee safety. Ohters will tell you they use peanuts/oil, but there are foods he can eat. It is then up to your comfort level. Since my son has had an air borne reaction, I am not comfortable in a restaurant where peanuts are used. In the end, go with your feelings.

On Jun 9, 2005

Some folks bring along a card that lists their allergies. This can be given to the chef to help reinforce the severity of the issue and help clarify your concerns.

I don't have a card and rarely eat out. When I do, I ask to speak to the manager and/or chef. I explain that I have a sever allergy and need to be sure that there is no chance of cross contamination with peanuts, nuts, or sesame.

If they have any nuts, seeds or nut/seed oils then I ask how the kitchen is set up. Are these allergens in a different part of the kitchen than where my food would be prepared?

Sometimes I have been invited into the kitchen to see the set up. Are the people who work at the nutty station also handling foods and plates from the station where my food would come from?

Is there any way you (meaning the chef or manager)can insure that there is no cross contamination with these allergens and my meal?

The explanation that follows lets you know whether they understand the issue or not. It also gives you a chance to ask more questions...like are the same knives used to cut cakes and pies or desert ingredients as for cutting vegetables...as this could allow for cross contamination...other questions will naturally come to mind depending on the chef/manager's explanation.

I also ask to see ingredient labels, if possible. If it is made from scratch, I ask what the ingredients are and if there is anything that has a label, I ask to read it.