What Brand of Rice is safe?

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We have been looking for a safe rice forever and haven't been able to find one that doesn't have a allergy warning on it.

We found 2 with out a warning and can't locate any contact information on them. The website and the number listed on the package our outdated.

What brand of rice do you use?

Just looking for plain white rice. Not minute rice but the bags of white rice that you boil and has some texture.



On Jan 23, 2006

ok so you dont like minute rice so that is out. goya golden canilla is what we use and my mother in law uses it too. my son is fine with it and when i called they got back to me and told me it was safe. also heard that uncle bens is safe. i use to use carolina rice but wasnt crazy with their response for some reason. it was a while ago. watch out for those big, square, clear containers of tex mex and jasmine rice. they all seem to have warnings. too bad cuz i love jasmine rice

On Jan 23, 2006

We've used Uncle Ben's rice without problems on numerous occasions.

On Jan 23, 2006

We use Botan, Nishiki and Kokuho Rose rices. All 3 are short/medium grain Calrose rice... sushi rice in other words.

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On Jan 23, 2006

We use Lundberg Rice.


I contacted them almost a year ago and was told that the rice is processed separately from the other products (some of which contained nuts.) I was satisfied with their response and also the concern shown by the representative. We've used it regularly ever since, but you'll probably want to check for yourself to see if its in your comfort zone.