What are your PA child\'s favorite \"safe\" snack foods (cookies, crackers, etc.)?

Posted on: Wed, 09/12/2001 - 5:45am
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I'm trying to put together a list of "safe" snacks and foods for my PA son. I thought that if I started a thread like this, we could share info about the snacks and other processed foods we consider safe for our kids.

So far, we've been feeding Tim plain Cheerios and Ritz crackers. I'm going to call the Gerber folks today to find out if their toddler cookies and snacks are safe. (I've read here that the wagon wheel snacks aren't, but don't know about the rest.)

So ... what processed foods (cookies, crackers, puddings, yogurts, cake mixes, candies, and other snacks) do you feel are safe to feed your PA child?

Posted on: Wed, 09/12/2001 - 6:40am
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I have a 2 year old PA/TN daughter and have spent a lot of time calling companies. Here are some products I feel safe with, but it's always good to check them out for yourself.
oreo cookies
Ritz crackers (regular size, not cheese sand.)
Kellogg's rice crispie treats
Kellogg's nutri-grain bars (not twists)
Barnum's animal crackers (little box)
Betty Crocker cake/brownie/etc. mixes (they label very clearly if there are any peanut/nut products.)
jello puddings
Yoplait yogurt
teddy grahams
nabisco graham crackers
keebler club crackers
fruit loops
Hershey Bars (regular size)
sixlets candy
smarties candy
Pepperidge farm goldfish crackers
Hostess ding dongs, hoho's, and twinkies
Pepperidge farm milano cookies

Posted on: Wed, 09/12/2001 - 10:44am
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This list is for the USA, so if you are in Canada, be sure to check ingredients.
For example, the regular size of Hershey bar in Canada is labelled "may contain peanuts", and Twinkies are the same...
So always check labels. So in the USA you can eat Hershey bars.. but not in Canada.. well, at least we can eat Nestle Kit Kats!

Posted on: Thu, 09/13/2001 - 5:10am
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Sorry! I probably should have asked people to specify what country they're in (I'm in the USA).
Am glad to hear that Nestle Canada is still making peanut-free chocolate bars. When the twins get old enough for chocolate, we may just take a trip up to Vancouver to buy some. :-)

Posted on: Thu, 09/20/2001 - 8:28pm
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Thank you Julied - my 5 year old just broke out in a massive hive attack after eating a peanut butter sandwich (which he has eaten since being a year and a half old) in school and this is a very helpful list!!
You are kind to share!!

Posted on: Thu, 09/20/2001 - 11:39pm
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Julied: why not nutra grain "twists"??
We give them to our pa son without any problems.
I will try to get my "safe" list up here soon, it is long and I need to find the time to post it.
Add to your safe list Kozy Shack pudding [url="http://www.kozyshack.com"]www.kozyshack.com[/url] I spoke with them and they are all nut free!! delicious and my child loves them; we have been using them for birthday snacks at preschool with reddi-whip and sprinkles.
Also check out Robert's American Gourmet snacks at [url="http://www.robscape.com"]www.robscape.com[/url] I have posted about nut free companies here before, they are safe.
Dum-Dum lollipops are also safe, [url="http://www.dumdumpops.com"]www.dumdumpops.com[/url] or [url="http://www.spanglercandy.com"]www.spanglercandy.com[/url] Any other ideas I will post later.
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Posted on: Fri, 09/21/2001 - 1:26pm
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This is just the kind of information I have been begging for. I have collected some cook books, but I wanted some ideas on processed foods. My son is new to PA, so I am really struggling with what to feed him. I hope a lot of people respond to this so that it will save time and give some good ideas. Thanks so much!!!!!

Posted on: Mon, 09/24/2001 - 5:12am
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Jackson's Mom,
Do check out the Snacks/Recipes board. There are a lot of copycat recipes posted to make your own goodies. Also you can check out topsecretrecipes.com and copykat.com because they have good clone recipes as well as cookbooks for copycat recipes. I'm on the more conservative end of the spectrum with snacks and prefer to make my own with the copycat recipes.

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