What are \"Epi-pens\"

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On this site i have heard this term used several times. What is it and what does it do? thanks

On Jun 27, 1999

Hi Michelle,

The epi-pen is a relatively painless auto injection of epinephrine, which helps open airways and reduce some of the otherwise dangerous side effects that occur when you are exposed to an anyphylactic allergen. If you or someone you know has this, please make sure thay see an allergist or physician in order to secure a prescription for the drug. It can save a life after exposure/ingestion occurs.

Stay Safe, Debbie

On Jun 27, 1999

Hi Michelle

I have read some of your other posts today - do you have an allergist that looks after your peanut allergy? As Debbie said, an epi-pen is a device that gives you an automatic injection if you are having an allergic reaction. Most of us parents of kids with peanut allergies carry one with us and have our children carry one as well. My daughter carries hers in a small purse. I have arranged with the school that my daughter can carry it with her and be given it immediately if she has a problem - so you wouldn't have had the problem you talked about of sitting in the nurse's office!

If you are getting information from this website, maybe you should read some of the topics together with your parents and they can get some ideas about dealing with schools, etc.

Take care


On Jun 27, 1999

Hi Michelle. I too have been reading your posts today and I join the others in urging you to see an allergist. This is a potentially fatal allergy and you need to have the necessary medication and knowledge to deal with it. It is fortunate that you have not had a life-threatening reaction yet. There are many, many people who do not understand the severity of this allergy; even some who have been diagnosed with it do not understand all that could happen during a reaction. Please share this website with your parents - it is an invaluable tool for learning about PA. And please keep us posted on your progress.

On Jun 30, 1999

Michelle, It is very important that you get epi-pens and carry two with you at all times.You might not know this, but with each exposure to Peanuts your next reaction could get worse. If you have already had problems with breathing when exposed you could be at a greater risk for a more severe reaction. The epi - pens will help you with those problems. None of us want to scare you, but we want you to know how serious this can be. If you are prepared then you (and all of us) can rest a bit easier. This needs to be repeated also...get your parents involved. good luck.