Westchester County, NY


Is there anyone in Westchester County, NY that would be interested in starting a support group...or knows of an active one? DianeL

On Jan 27, 2005

No luck, but I am a transplanted person from Yonkers, now living in CA. What part of Westchester do you live in? peg

On Jan 27, 2005

I am currently in Eastchester. Do you have a PA child? I am worried about school safety...

On Jan 27, 2005

My son is 20 and PA forever. We live in California. I would suggest taking a look at the schools section here and then formulating a plan to meet with your local schools.

Good luck Peggy

On Jan 28, 2005

Hi Peggy, How do CA schools handle it? I have a married brother north of LA (whose wife is a teacher)and they've never mentioned anything particular. ...and how did you manage before all of the new awareness/better labeling? I can't even imagine! As an aside, have you kept up with all of the problems in the Yonkers school district? They fire a large proportion of staff at the beginning of the year (kids end up watching videos during extra-curric periods) and then slowly re-hire as money comes in...a big mess the past few years I have been here. Personally, with the weather as it is, I wish I was in CA too! Thanks again for your suggestions. Diane

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On Jan 28, 2005

I have not been in on Yonkers news for years now, only what I get from Howard Stern. Here in CA my son went to small private schools and although they were really in the dark about PA (as we all were) I had trained DS pretty well by then to take care of himself. He sat out a lot of activities and food experiments.

I'm sure it is different today with so much more awareness but again we are the pioneers in college.

Good luck Peg