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Posted on: Thu, 07/24/2003 - 12:52am
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My daughter is allergic to peanuts/nuts. As far as I know I am not allergic to them. Although I do not like peanuts/nuts (with the exception to peanut butter cups) and even before my daughter was tested for peanut/nut allergy I would choose not to eat peanuts/nuts.
So, yesterday we went to Wendy's and I decided to order the Chicken Oriental Salad without the almonds. As soon as I finished the salad, I could feel my throat starting to close. (I have had similar experiences when I am around cats.) I took my children's Benedryl and my ventolin. I do not know what I reacted to, I did check out the ingredients sesame oil would be the only item that I wouldn't use at home.
Any thoughts to my reaction?
edited to say that the salad did not have almonds!!
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Posted on: Thu, 07/24/2003 - 1:58am
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Do you have asthma? With asthma and a child with PA, I'd think you're a good candidate for developing food allergies yourself. I know there are several PA.com members who developed food allergies as adults.
I'd suspect the sesame or the almonds--even if you've had almonds plenty of times, you could develop an allergy at any time..
Recently I noticed a tightness in my throat and twice I had moderate coughing after eating cashews. I rarely have them (since we don't keep them in the house) but I tend to overindulge when I have the chance, away from home. That's probably an excellent way to develop an allergy! I've decided to stop eating them for now and I'll ask about being tested the next time I see my doctor.

Posted on: Thu, 07/24/2003 - 2:51am
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Sandra Y: I corrected my post above, I was typing too fast and the post should have read that I did not have almonds on the salad. I am thinking it was the sesame as well.
Yes, I do have asthma. I developed asthma at the age of 24 years, due to mold, mildew, dust and cats although at the time the allergist said it was also exercise induced asthma (I disagreed with him at the time but he felt he was correct). The salad also came with Rice Noodles in a separate package which I only put very very few noodles on to try and these noodles did say "may contain peanuts/nuts" on the package.
I won't be eating this salad again. Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.

Posted on: Thu, 07/24/2003 - 3:05am
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Hope this works. Here is a link to the ingredients in the Salad. I have the name of the Salad incorrect, it is called the Mandarin Chicken Salad.


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