Wendy\'s McDonalds, etc. - Worry about Egg Contamination from same fryer??


McDonald's has a great ingredient / allergy information on their site...but then I got to thinking that the egg battered items (like the new chicken strips, filets, etc. that have egg in the breading) may contaminate the oil that is used for the nuggets, fries, etc.

I finally let my little one try McDonald's fries with no incident because I figured the fries seemed to be cooked in a separate vat.

Does anyone have any info on how they cook -if there is a good chance of cross contamination?

On May 3, 2005

My dairy allergic child eats only the fries and hash browns, because at the MCDs that we visit, those are on a dedicated fryer. I would double check at your own McD. Apparently there are a couple of other chicken items that don't contain dairy, but since they are cooked in the same oil, dd is not allowed to eat them.

On May 3, 2005

dgood, I just checked the ingredients listings for the Chicken Selects and the Filet o Fish and neither contains egg ingredients. In fact, my egg allergic daughter has had the chicken selects and not had a reaction.

On May 3, 2005

I have watched McDonald's dozen of times fry their fries...always done seperately to maintain the taste.

On May 4, 2005

ceross - I double checked and the items with egg whites are the McChicken patties and breast filets. I would imagine there's a good chance they use the same oil for those and other chicken items such as nuggets. You're right the strips and fish filet look safe other than the mayo or sauces they would use with them.

On May 9, 2005

my egg allergic son eats the fries and a plain burger patty (no bun...just never tried one yet)

The fries are supposed to be in their own fryer....

I too wonder about x-cont from the eggs for the egg mcmuffin ending up on a burger or chicken sandwich.....also wonder about the safety of the nuggets since Im not sure if they are cooked with the breaded chicken (egg) or fish fillets (avoiding fish)

On May 22, 2005

They have the same person cooking lots of different things, and using the same hand! I observed this myself and will never go back. I watched her make a cheeseburger (putting the cheese on the bun with her hand) and then make a regular hamburger. Who knows what else she touched? Can we be sure she did not touch the fries also? Not really. Also, they use the same tongs for all kinds of items. Lots of cross contamination risk there. That is how Sabrina Shannon died---from tongs that had touched an item with milk, the same tongs were used to serve her fries and she died from anaphylaxis to milk.

I don`t understand why McDonalds bothers to have all that allergy info on their website and then have one person touch the milk items, the egg items, the milk free items, the egg free items, etc. And they use any set of tongs that is lying around. They don`t have one set for dairy, one set for non-dairy, etc. I watched them share the tongs between items with milk and those without.

On Jan 11, 2006

Attesting to the cross-contamination issues (not in the fryer, but on the grill).

I have an egg allergic/milk allergic son who has started eating plain hamburgers with out incident. So for curious reasons, I just asked my friend's mother...who worked a Mcdonalds for 30 years, about whether or not at their McD's, they thouroughly cleaned the grill after breakfast time. She admitted that no, although SHE 'wiped down' when time allowed, most workers just throw the patties on the same grill, the very second after the last egg was fried.

Hmmmm, I certainly don't want to increase my son's exposure to egg, but then again, he is not reacting to those trace amounts. I don't know if I'll continue to feed him plain hamburgers or not. Food for thought indeed.

------------------ Jill DD, 5, TNA DS, 18 mo. EA, MA

On Jan 12, 2006

Dgood, you also said Wendy's in the title. Our Wendy's (in Canada) has egg as a bun ingredient so we don't eat there as my son is egg allergic.

We do eat at McDonalds all the time. All burgers and nuggets (and of course fries). Never a problem.

On Jan 12, 2006

Re: McDonalds

Do they put their "batterdipped" items in a deep fryer or do they come ready to be heated in a microwave or convection oven?


On Jan 12, 2006

From what I've seen, McDonald's deep fry items get submerged in oil, and each item has separate vats to be dipped in. Meg

On Jan 12, 2006

Hi All the Wendys from GA to Va that I have been to all fry their french fries and their chicken nuggets separate. If you look all the vatts of oil are separate. Also, this one in athens GA changes there oil every other day. The manager thought it was a company wide pratice so I am not sure. My allergist said to go ahead and feed my son the nuggets at McD's even though some things do have egg, but I chose not too. So we get the fries and cheeseburger. Never had a problem with either...knock on wood!

On Mar 2, 2006

mharasym - We just ate at Wendy's tonight (in Canada too) and their ingredient list lists no eggs in any of their buns. Maybe they changed their recipe since you last looked? On their website some of the burgers are have egg allergen checked off, but that's likely from the mayo. On the pamphlet I have in my hands they break it down and there are no eggs in any of their buns. On that note, however, I did open up my daughter's hamburger to take off some ketchup and I found a huge glob of mayo. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/mad.gif[/img] ARGH. They use the same spoon for all the condiments. Lesson learned...

As for the original question - the Wendy's pamphlet I have states that the chicken items MAY BE fried in the same oil. And again - this is a Canadian Wendy's.

On Mar 2, 2006

[url="http://www.wendys.com/food/index.jsp?country=CA&lang=EN"]http://www.wendys.com/food/index.jsp?country=CA&lang=EN[/url] (Canada)

[url="http://www.wendys.com/food/index.jsp?country=US&lang=EN"]http://www.wendys.com/food/index.jsp?country=US&lang=EN[/url] (USA)

Here is the link if anyone is interested. Click on "Complete Nutrition Guide." Under Fries is where it says the chicken is fried in the same oil. I only saw one item that had peanuts in it.

On Mar 2, 2006

Sorry - double post.. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/redface.gif[/img]

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On Mar 3, 2006

We'll have to ask again the next time we go. The mayo issue is one we deal with at Burger King too and we've found cross contamination with that so we' re very careful. My son has been enjoying the chicken strips dinner at Wendy's for awhile but it would be nice to have a choice.

Thanks for the heads up! Margaret

On Mar 20, 2006

My PA/EA DS had a reaction at McDonalds after eating chicken nuggets. Only plain burgers and fries for him from now on..He loves wendys nuggets. No problems there so far!