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Posted on: Wed, 08/31/2005 - 1:06pm
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I did not leave with a real good feeling. I first met with the teacher and all went well. I have known her for a few years and she knows my ds fairly well.

I briefly met the new principal and asked to set a meeting with him in regards to the school's nut policy (which really ultimately means his policy)

I've only heard him described as a great principal, kind and compassionate. My first impression was NOT good. You know how some people make you feel totally at ease, not this man, I was literally sweating buckets talking with him.

He seemed like a stay-at-home mom hating, peanut loving jerk. I really am trying to ignore my first impression here, so we will see.

School starts tomorrow and I took my ds in to meet him. We were there 3 to 4 minutes and in that time he asked if my ds had ever had his epi, if I stayed at home, what my plans were for lunch, told me he loved nuts and gave my ds heck for asking if we could go now.

Of course, I read between the lines on all these things to what he was implying and I don't feel good about it. School hasn't started yet and my grade 1 ds knows his principal loves peanuts and he has already been in trouble with him.

I am really gonna try and open my mind when I meet again with him, but somehow this kind, compassionate man had us both cowering in fear.

Cross post in two forums. Thanks if you read.

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