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Posted on: Mon, 11/23/2009 - 1:13am
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Hi Everyone!

My name is Andy. My wife Stephanie and I are parents to our wonderful, lively, and (very) energetic 15 month old daughter Emilia. Together with our two dogs we live in suburban Chicago and are pretty much your typical young family.

This past Saturday our fears that Emilia might be allergic to peanuts were confirmed, when our pediatrician called us with the results of her blood test.

What led us to have her tested was a reaction to a PB&J sandwich she had at daycare. Immediately after ingesting some of the sandwich she broke out in hives. The daycare teacher, having cared for a peanut allergic child before, knew what she was dealing with and gave her Benadryl right away, which helped a lot.

However, the next morning she was still covered in hives and we took her to her pediatrician right away. The doctor ordered a blood test to confirm her suspicion that it might be a peanut allergy and also prescribed an EpiPen. Well, as mentioned earlier we received those results this past weekend and we now know that she is in fact allergic to peanuts. We were told that the blood test categorizes the peanut allergy in low, medium, and high and that Emilia would be in the high category but that she's otherwise not allergic to anything else.

Initially I was surprised as there are no known cases of food allergies in neither of our families and figured we would have to make some adjustments but that we would be okay. Well, the more time I have to think about it the scarier it gets.

Our next step is an appointment with an allergist but that might still be a while due to the holidays.

I try not to do too much research on the internet right now, as you can find all kinds of confusing information but we also want to be prepared for anything that might come at us before we had a chance to visit with the allergist.

We are now looking at labels and are asking about the use of peanuts or peanut oil, etc. in restaurants. We're also carrying the EpiPen with us and used the training pen to practice how to use it.

If anyone has any additional information we would be glad to hear about it. Otherwise I'm sure we will be around. This site seems to have all sorts of interesting information.



Posted on: Mon, 11/23/2009 - 1:25am
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We were where you are now back in July...Thankfully we were able to get into see the allergist quickly b/c of a cancellation. We were avoiding peanuts and PB during the wait, but weren't thinking all that much would change- we had been avoiding that already since our pediatrician advises waiting until 3 to introduce nuts. The big shock came when the allergist advised us to avoid all products that are manufactored in facilities with peanuts or tree nuts (even though our son does not have a tree nut allergy, they are usually processed with peanuts)...That's really where the life changing part of PA comes in. Good luck at your appointment. This site was really helpful in the beginning and continues to be now that we've adjusted!

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