Newbie Peanut Free Mom ...OVERWHELMED

Posted on: Thu, 08/05/2010 - 8:55am
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Hi there,
I'm Stephanie from San Diego. My 3 yr. old little boy just has a "significant" (per his pediatrician) reaction to peanut butter. His first...and last bite, so it seems. Three hours after he ate it, he had had an endless runny nose, swollen red ears, lips were swelling, red watering eyes, hives that were the size of my palm, horrible itchy and by the time he got medical attention he was starting to wheeze.

I'll be honest with you I've been putting up a brave "informed mom" front for a week. I am terrifed.

I am terrifed of what COULD have happened to him...and I am overwhelmed and paniced about his future. To the point, my family is telling me to stop reading about all this and just to keep him safe and wait until we see the Director of Immunology at Rady's Children's Hosptial here in San Diego..on Aug. 26.

I am just simply overwhelmed over what I should feed him, social situations, how he's been in places before (the day before the incident we were at Angels Stadium watching the Red Sox and traveled by train) and had no issues, what testing will reveal, what it won't, WHY my family isn't FREAKING out like me, wondering if his 11 mo. old little sister will suffer the same fate, deadly afraid of another reaction, and EpiPen obessesed really even when its in his backpack I physically look for it several times while we are out...just for reassurance, which chocolate chips do I use ..or do I, etc. Everything from the tiny details his future and adult life. OVERWHELMED.

I feel like the only one who really is understanding me is his private daycare provider. She runs a peanut free center. 4 out of the 12 kids in her care how have nut issues (he's the 4th one).

I know I am rambling. I am just so very scared. And ...sad. Is that normal?

I know information is power. Thus I am here. I just feel like isn't realistic for me to be with him 24/7 as he grows up...(although I'd like to be!) ...and literally been praying for his safety. ...and some answers. The 26th seems like forever away.

I have alot of guilt too.. as he's eaten at Chickafil, loves donuts, eaten chocolate cupcakes from bakeries all over the place, loves cookies, etc. And he has been fine up until last Th. I feel like a bad mom for exposing him to all that prior to his reaction. But how was I to ever know? Anyways...I ramble.

My mission: to be informed and responsible for his safety. BUT to make sure he feels like he isn't missing anything ...and see to it he has a "normal" childhood, etc.

Guess I am asking for any newbie advice. And reassurance that I can do wade through this crazy maze of the Peanut Free World. Thanks for listening.

Posted on: Thu, 08/05/2010 - 5:53pm
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I could totally have written this exact post 3 months ago, with one exception. You are SO lucky your daycare provider is understanding!!!! We found out at the end of his first pre-school year, and they would not make his classroom peanut free and they do eat lunch there so I am not sending him back. He loves it, so it is such a shame! So you are VERY lucky there!
Every mom feels guilt as to what/how/if they contributed to this. Totally normal.
I am completely paranoid about every morsel that goes in his mouth. Just start calling companies and keep records of what they say. Be specific in your questions, and don't give up till they give you a firm answer. You may have to change brands (we switched from Eggo to Aunt Jemima frozen pancakes/waffles). Read every label. But the "may contain" statement is voluntary, so if it's not there you still have to call.
See if you can find a local allergy group in FAAN. They'll have local peanut free outings, and meetings etc.
Good luck. They say it gets easier and manageable.

Posted on: Thu, 08/05/2010 - 11:24pm
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Its been 4 years and 3 months since I found out my boy had a allergy to peanuts. Im scared everyday. I hope we can be blessed with a cure for this. It changes your lifes. But be strong and read lables. My boy wears a t- shirt out that states his allergy, so everyone knows not to feed him. Have a great doctor relationship and make a PLAN!! Take care..

Posted on: Mon, 08/16/2010 - 5:25pm
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Hi There
I remember feeling the same way...completely overwhelmed. My son is almost 10 now. It is still challenging at times but it is managable. There are several good books you should read. One is the Peanut allergy answer book. Short book but explains it pretty well. The first thing I did is get all the peanut butter and peanut products out of the house. I wanted to have a safe place for him to eat. There are memebers of my family that still don't understand but we manage. We eat out and travel just like other families but it takes extra work.
good luck

Posted on: Thu, 08/19/2010 - 11:23am
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I'm overwhelmed and scared too, just found out yesterday that my 7 year old is allergic to peanuts, we had a suspicion but it was confirmed by a blood test. Now, can't wait until allergy Dr. visit, have so many question. I will throw my jar of peanut butter out too. Better to be safe than sorry.

Posted on: Thu, 08/19/2010 - 10:04pm
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Wow... That seems to be happening more and more. Older children finding out they have a peanut allergy. What was the readings on the blood work? Good luck.

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