Hi new here, my 16 month old recently diagnosed with severe PA

Posted on: Mon, 02/07/2011 - 3:24am
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my name is Deanne, my daughter who is the light of my life, her name is Mya, recently saw an allergist who did the skin test and tested level 4 for peanuts, also for cats, and level 2 for shrimp.The reason she was referred to an allergist is because one day she had a small bite of a PB and jelly sandwich ( actually didn't swallow, she spit it out and threw it on the floor!) Her face and neck became bright red with tiny little hives! Very scary to see that.
I am a little upset about her visit to the allergist because it was very rushed and i really didn't have much time to ask questions. All she did was show me how to give epi, gave me an action plan printout. Told me to avoid peanuts, and shrimp duh!, and monitor for symptoms related to our kitty, so far she doesn't show any affects of having a cat in the house. So needless to say i am a little freaked out, i feel like calling her office to complain.
So here i am trying to learn as much as i can, but reading about horror stories on the internet just makes thing worse! just ordered 2 books on amizon. The doc told me that tree nuts were ok. One question i wonder about is should i avoid tree nut due to possibility of cross contamination? She also said that i could keep kitty as long as she doesn't show symptoms, but do not replace kitty.
Sorry i am long winded, just looking for any helpful hints and support. deanne

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Hi Deanne,
A web site I visit is the FAAN ( food allergy and annaphylaxis network) Lots of great info there. My son is allergic to peanuts and shellfish. We do avoid tree nuts because of cross contamination. The best thing you can do for your daughter is to teach her early to wash her hands alot. Especially before eating. Read labels on everything. If you are not familiar with food allergies there are 8 major food allergens. Manufacter's ( in the US) are required by law to list any of the the 8 major allergens if the are in the ingredients. They don't have to list it if there is a possibility of cross contamination. Some companies voluntarily do that. I call the manufacture's alot to find out what there policies are. Some are in peanut free factories. You will get to know what you are comfortable with in time. Everyone's comfort zone is different. I also carry wipes in my purse to wipe off tables ect. good luck HTH

Posted on: Wed, 02/09/2011 - 1:04am
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thank you for your reply, i appreciate any info at all. I wonder if i should try to see another doctor, but i don't want to repeat the skin test, once was enough for now, but i really didn't have any chnace to talk to the doc about this.
I have been reading the FAAN website, it is very good info. It really scares me that manufacturers do not have to put "may contain" on their labels. I feel like i have no clue as possible cross contam., and what i am feeding her.
Is there info here as to what manufactures to stay clear from? If not there should be a good list of good and bad ones in one spot so one can read all of them, instead of searching around which is very time consuming.
Should i stay away from ones that make any nut product whatsoever? Do i have to call them each for every morsel of food that she eats? I was reading in the labels forum, but haven't found much info yet. You said that you call them alot, do you know which are peanut free?
Thank you again for any help, i feel so overwhelmed with this. Two days ago she broke out in a small area on her neck with hives after eating lasagna my husband made. I did read all ingredient labels and there was nothing stated or no " may contain" statements, so i have no clue what caused it. I assume cross contamination, but to what? Spagetti sauce maybe? What do you think? thank you again, Deanne

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