Hello, new "again" :)

Posted on: Fri, 06/04/2010 - 6:49am
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Hi, I visited this forum/site years ago, but got heavily involved with homeschooling and have only recently come back.
I have an "only" son who is 9 years old. We have been fighting peanut/tree nut since he was about 2. After a major fight with the school system on keeping our son safe in a very allergy ignorant community, we (along with our doctor) decided that homeschooling was our best option. It has been great to not have to deal with the school anymore! We have enjoyed this journey tremedously!

We did go through all the process of trying to get a 504 health plan. It even went to the office of civil rights! The superintendent lied to the OCR in Texas and they believed every bit of it! So, looking back, we're glad that our son is out of that crazy system anyway! :)

I feel that I need the support of this forum and should have never left. However, earlier, it was hard to continue discussing issues without getting too upset.
Anyway, we are in the south and feel that peanuts/tree nuts are showing up more than ever! I hope to be a help here and look forward to chatting with all of you! :)


Posted on: Fri, 06/04/2010 - 7:10am
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welcome back! I also have a 9 yr old boy with
PA/TA, we found out when he was 1 yr. We have also chosen to homeschool ( not only because of allergies but it is one of the big reasons). Last year we were frustrated and worried because our son was STILL having trouble with reading, our Dr. recommended for him to be tested and said that our school should be able to help us even though he was not enrolled. Every year the Superintendent sends us a letter that says if we have any questions or concerns they will be happy to help, so I called, they pretty much insulted me for our choice of homeschooling and then asked " why did you choose homeschooling anyway?" I told him the most important but not only reason was our sons safety because of his peanut allergy and he said "well I think you are doing the right thing then because a parent just took the district to court due to peanut issues and lost, there is really no guarentee that he would be safe" ( I could tell he was no longer going to try to talk me into thinking about public school, in fact he didn't want any part of it)That did it for us, we are deffinately not willing to risk our childs life for him to experience a classroom setting. We have really enjoyed homeschooling and have a great co-op that meets once a week that is commited to being NUT-FREE! They have volenteers who hang signs up every week and wash everything down in addition to no-one ever bringing anything with nut products, we have truly been blessed.

Posted on: Fri, 06/04/2010 - 7:26am
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B3K, thanks for the welcome! Sounds like you and I have similar stories. We have really enjoyed homeschooling. I would do it even without the allergy! :) I now see the benefits.
Your story about the school district doesn't surprise me. People show their true colors when it comes down to situations like this! Why would you want your child in a school that doesn't care about the children's needs? I could go on and on. However, I'm glad to have support from folks like you and others here. :)
Your co-op sounds great! We go to a co-op once a week at a local church, but it's a little different. No food is served, as all the classes are after lunch. So, it has worked out pretty good.
It's great to meet you!:)

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