46 yr old... allergic reaction last week

Posted on: Sun, 09/13/2009 - 1:06pm
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46 yr old woman. i wasn't raised with peanuts but in the last 7 years i have come to love peanut butter in particular.

i had a serious allergic reaction to what they think was peanuts and i'm waiting for confirmation.

wed i ate mostly peanut butter and peanuts... chicken soup at night. i was working too hard and tired.

thursday am i woke up itchy and scratchy and with hives and welts... i didn't think much of it like a dummy

thursday day i went on a road trip with my spouse and ate a bunch of trail mix, ie peanuts... had a salad and other food and then friday morning i woke up with worse hives on the face, welts, swollen lips eyes... all over my hands, feet, etc.

was it the peanuts?

do allergic reactions always have to be immediate?

did i miss it?

i saw an ER doc who told me he thought ti was the peanuts.. gave me an epi pen, benadryl shot and epi at the hospital.

the allergist doesn't think it's food but isn't sure because he said i should have had immediate reaction. (is that true? anyone have a reaction alittle later?)

he took blood samples... and i should get the results later this week, but i won't be running to eat peanuts anymore. i don't think i will believe it if they dont confirm it in the blood work.

do blood tests always get it right?

Posted on: Sun, 09/13/2009 - 8:49pm
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Sorry you are having a problem but until you find out what it is I would avoid all peanuts. Start reading labels thoroughly.
Blood test do not always get it. Neither the blood or scratch test is perfect. But either coupled with a reaction is pretty definite.
Reactions are not always immediate. My daughter broke out in hives a little over an hour into a milk trial.

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