We are going to a wedding on the 19th of this month, a relative's.

She know's about ds's peanut allergy and they will not have any peanuts in bowls or in the food they are serving for dinner. However, she did say they are going to use Jelly Belly jellybeans as favors. She did ask what my boys would like to eat instead. Should I be worried about people eating these? My ds is 6 and is well aware of his allergy. There will be only a hand full of kids under 12 there, so I am not really worried about jellybean slop all over. My non-pa ds will not be eating these either.

She is doing a sweet thing. She know's I am bringing him a cupcake for the wedding to eat instead of the main cake. She is having a cupcake peramid instead of layer cakes so my ds would not feel "different". I thought this was very thoughtful.

That aside, they are just having the traditional ham, chicken, mashed spuds, corn, rolls, etc. I will call ahead to see if the use anything nut/peanut specific. Should I still bring his own meal? If yes, what would you suggest to bring?

Thanks Jan

On Aug 5, 2006

I would not be too worried about a reaction from jelly bellies if your DS isn't having them--as long as there aren't the PB specific ones. Still, she's doing a great deal more to accomodate than most folks would.

I would be prepared but enjoy.

With regard to the other food--that's a "your comfort zone" thing. Frankly, it's something that given our experience at church potlucks and restaurants, I would feel comfortable with, but many wouldn't. It just depends on your child's sensitivities and your comfort zones. I think it's good that you're going to call.

On Aug 5, 2006

i'd be okay with the jelly beans. it wouldn't really concern me at all. sounds like you will be able to enjoy the celebration.

On Aug 7, 2006

Thanks, I didn't think I should be too worried. If anything were to happen, a hospital is not very far away and there will be at least one nurse at the wedding.

I will bring some food along, just in case, snacks for sure.


On Aug 10, 2006

That is very sweet all the accomodations your relative is making.

My only advice is to watch out for the cookies! I (and now my daughters who are also PA) never eat from the cookie table at weddings. You just never know what might be in/on the cookies, and great-aunt-Mary (bless her heart) just HAD to make her special cookies!