We got a tenative ok on a food challenge....


hi guys! i havent posted on here in forever, but i have an (almost) 4 year old son.

his history is this - i developed a mild to moderate reaction to peanut containing products while pregnant with my son. saw an allergist, who was convinced i was having a wacky hormonal thing that caused some sort of oral allergy, which i understood to be something like pollens that i was allergic to mimicking a food allergy, and that i wasnt actually food allergic.

fast forward to the day of my sons 2 month well baby. we came home, safe and happy, i decide to try some nutella (hazelnut with peanut oil, didnt realize peanut oil but id never reacted to tree nuts so i thought i was ok).... he broke out into red spots (not hives though) all over his face after i kissed on him (only where i kissed him). we rushed back to the dr, gave benadryl, no signs or symptoms other than just the irritated skin. dr says avoid peanuts.

i go on living life, but oh my gosh one day i just HAD to have a reeses pb cup (those things are the devil im tellin ya!). but i did what i thought would be okay, i washed my hands in scalding water, with 2 types of soap and then used sanitizer. shortly thereafter, i made a bottle for him, and placed my finger over the nipple to shake the formula. gave him the bottle, and he fell asleep on my chest after burping. after about 20 min, i had to get up to pee, when i pulled his body off of me, i realize i was SOAKED, i looked down and was HORRIFIED to see his little face all puffy, lips and tongue swollen. i immediately gave him benadryl and headed to ER, where he was having mild respiratory symptoms and they gave him an oral steroid and sent us home with epis. at his age (3 months), the dose in an epi jr was about 3x the dose that he should recieve when you dose by weight. they said better safe than sorry. so weve been livin nut free for the last 4 years, yeah its a pain, but we deal.

at 11 months, he had RAST done - negative for everything. we followed up with a skin prick, to which he tested positive to walnuts and oatmeal only. peanuts were negative. he has never demonstrated a reaction to oatmeal, so we have never discontinued.

his next blood and skin tests were done a year ago when he was 3. RAST negative to all, was disappointed to get a positive reading on peanuts, hazelnuts and sesame. again, sesame has been exposed to his whole life, before and after, no issues. the wheals were small, barely positive.

RAST were done, kinda as a sidenote to another blood test we had done, i said to the dr, if were gonna stick him, lets go ahead and do rast while were at it, which was fine. everything came back negative. we had skin prick yesterday. his histamine positive control had a 4mm wheal with 25mm of peripheral redness. everything came back negative - clinically speaking. peanut, pecan and almond left 1-2mm wheals with no redness. the dr said this was clinically insignificant.

he needs to discuss it with his colleagues in the practice, but is comfortable with allowing us to proceed with a food challenge, and it could be as soon as the week after next. obviously done in office, he said my son is definately on the younger side for a challenge, but given the history he is comfortable doing it, provided several physicians are present.....

so were going to go ahead and try it. he said he hadnt done a peanut challenge in a long time, that most cases he sees are extremely severe where it wouldnt even be a consideration, so he needed to review the protocol for himself, and then let me know.

so i know the basics, we go in, start with a little bit and increase until either its not an issue or if he has a reaction....

is there anything i should plan for? anything i can expect? what do i take? just pb on white bread? obviously, every child is different, what if he refuses to eat it? he is excited about the possibility to eat peanuts so i dont think that will be a problem, but who knows.... anyone been through this have and tips, pointers, suggestions or advice? im starting to get excited AND anxious!