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I need all your help! My best friend's two sons have severe allergies to peanuts. This is all new to me, so i need any info. i can get my hands on. I am having a seminar for the teachers and am going to organize a mass mailing for the entire school. (I am hoping to go district wide with it) So what i am trying to get together is info on options for lunches, cleaning guidelines, explanation of the severity, and anything else you all feel would be important. I am planning on purchasing for the school mass quantities of hand sanitizer dispensers. I would like to hang one in each classroom. I would also like to get some small packets of cleaner to be handed out at lunch time. Anybody know where i can get these? More importantly, is the antibacterial kind effective? Any imput you all can give me would be greatly appreciated!! My friend's son (age 8) is really having a hard time. He is sooooooo fearful of everyone. His allergy is extremely severe. His dog died this last summer and i think it finally hit home how permanent death is. He is up all night asking his mother why God did this to him. My heart breaks for him, and for all of you who have to deal with this. Please help me introduce this to the student body and anyone else who will listen. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

On Sep 8, 2001

I would start at [url="http://www.aaia.ca"]www.aaia.ca[/url] for your handouts. There are lots of relevant items there on all of the things you mention.

As to the antibacterial soap--it is no more useful in this case than any regular soap because the allergen is not a bacteria it is a protein. A strong handwashing protocol where everyone learns to use soap and warm water and to scrub and lather to a slow count of 15 seconds is important. There is some evidence that consumers over use of antibacterial products is contributing to the creation of stronger antibiotic resistant bacteria so if you can avoid antibacterial soap and use regular soap then I would think that would be better.

Good luck

On Sep 8, 2001

Kathryn is right about the soaps..enough use will eventually make it useless towards killing any bacteria. Good washing habits are the best..as for cleaning affected areas (lunchrooms, classrooms, busses) we have containers of wipes called medaphene scrubs. It's actually used primarily for disinfection and decontamination for bodily fluids, but it's a very effective cleaner. They are dispensed in tear-off individual towels and pre-moistened. They can't be used for human use...just inanimate objects. They can be used to wipe up an area, then thrown away..this prevents re-use to spread the offending allergen. Hope this helps a little. eaglehauler

On Sep 8, 2001

Another resource for handouts is FAAN (Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network) I believe their website is:


And bless you for your concern about these two boys. How we all wish there were more folks like you out there!

Good luck!


On Sep 10, 2001


I have been allergic for 18 years, so I am an expert with this. I have such a sensitive reaction that I have been taken to the hospital 2 times at school. Once was becuase of the pb pine cone craft and from eating luch at school. Neither times did I touch pb, only smelled. It is imparitive that more schools become aware to this. I was one of the only students and most people treated it as nothing special when it is indeed a life threatening disease. I have always lived in frustration because of this and I'm so glad someone is taking a larger step. Please let me know if you need any advice, or information that I can assist with.


On Feb 8, 2002

For your School Assembly information from FAAN Would be great "the be a pal" program helps to educate other students. You may also qualify under section 504 of the rehab act of 1974 for special consideration from school administrators or staff. Great form to be used to develop your plan at [url="http://www.allergysupport.org/s_504Plans.htm"]http://www.allergysupport.org/s_504Plans.htm[/url] Very benefical information. If you need any information from FAAN would love to get that to you at no cost thru fann. Another Post suggest FAAN. Look over their information and let me know what information you would like to have from them and I can get it to you at no cost. Good Luck with Education and two thumbs up for being so actively involved.

On Feb 8, 2002

May I also suggest that you see if there's a local expert your hospital can recommend who specializes in the psychological aspects of chronic illnesses including PA?

I'm lucky in that MY MOTHER is the expert in our area! How great is that! I'm just now putting together an inservice that will include her and my son's doctor.

On Feb 9, 2002

I found this site to be very helpful,excellent articles. Th site is from canada I gave my son's preschool teacher many handout from this site. calgaryallergy.ca Good Luck, Education is the wat to go.