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We are a Life Threatening Allergy School

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I have a child with peanut & tree nut allergies, not airborne, but we do have a few children that are. So I am wondering, besides sending home to every parent a very lengthy list of approved snacks, being available to any and all questions, and educating teachers and staff, what else can I or us as a school do to get parents to understand? Any suggestions please...our school year is starting on Tuesday.

By loriradakovich on Sep 5, 2013

How old are the children? Grade? In elementary school I used to bake some homemade cookies, put them into ziplocks and then into a sturdy Tupperware container that was labeled with my child's name, grade and in BOLD sharpie NUT-FREE. When other kids would bring in a birthday snack she would just go to the office and say she needed a cookie. I never let the school give her ANYTHING that I didn't provide (including a sep. bin of dum-dums, tootsie rolls, etc.). If your school isn't nut-free and if your child isn't already on a 504 get them on one. Periodically, send out reminders (especially around the holidays) that there is a life-threatening food allergy in the class and to not send in anything containing such. Have the school nurse give a presentation on food allergies to the class/school. That really does help some. Know where the epis are at all times and have the staff do a test run or two in the case of an emergency. And just keep educating everybody over and over again. People tend to forget when it doesn't directly pertain to their own lives. The other children seem to get it better than parents and even some teachers/staff at times. Educate the children. Good luck! It's a constant struggle but preventative measures are key. I've been dealing with this for over 13 yrs. and still working on the schools in my community.