Watch Out - Ice Pops from Superstore


I just found out that "Club Pack Ice Pops" (similar to Popcicles) in the yellow box distributed by Superstore Canada(Supervalue, Extra Foods) manufactured by Sunfresh foods are produced in the same factory and on the same lines as products with nuts/peanuts. THERE IS NO WARNING ON THE PACKAGING. I called the Westfair foods and they "don't recommend that people with allergies eat this product". They are looking at adding a warning and think it might be done by December of this year - just in time for summer treats - NOT! The good news is that I've found a retailer for Chapman's in Winnipeg and we're talking to them about carrying the novelties in addition to the ice cream which they already sell - Yee Hah!!! I can find no other "ice cream type treats" that are safe for my PA/NA son. If any one knows of others, speak now!

On Jul 14, 2001

I found this comment by doing a search for anything on Sunfresh Foods. We buy a lot of products at Zehrs Supermarkets that come in those yellow no name boxes. All of them says that they have been prepared for Sunfresh Limited. NOT ONE OF THEM SAY THAT THEY HAVE PEANUTS OR MAY CONTAIN TRACES. Do you or anyone else out there know about this company's practices regarding this? I am wondering if anyone else has contacted them as I am considering doing so myself.

Thanks for any input. Natalie.

On Jul 14, 2001

Our "Yellow box" stores in Western Canada are Supervalu/Extra Foods. I don't normally shop there and this is the first time I've inquired about one of their products. Westfair foods (who owns Supervalu and Extra Foods) called Sunfresh in response to my query and apparently Sunfresh indicated that they are aware of the allergy issue and are "looking at" having a warning on their products. They talked about a December timeframe! Because I don't shop there, I have decided to put my energies elsewhere and that is trying to get a store to carry the Chapman's brands which are produced on a nut free line. I was recently in Southern Ontario in a Zehrs store (in Waterloo) and was stunned to see a HUGE assortment of Chapman's products in their freezer! If only I could have stuck some in my suitcase with out having a puddle when I arrived back home I would have bought out the store. I was also warned to stay away from no-name or generic or store brands, because depending on availability they may change manufacturers or distributors without changing their labeling. This would include yellow-box, SmartChoice, Our Compliments, Safeway brand, etc. The rule of thumb I now use is, brand name, brand name, brand name. I used to think people who didn't believe ingredient lists were a little "over the top" but now I see their point. Find a safe brand, call the manufacturer to make sure the labels are accurate and their practices safe, and stick with those products. Don't forget to periodically call the manufacturer to make sure nothing's changed. Sorry, can't be more help with the Sunfresh thing. Good Luck!