was this a reaction?


DS made smores in his preschool class yesterday. The chocolate was Hershey - no warning on the chocolate. I dont know what kind of marshmellows or graham cracker they used.

his teacher said that after eating the smore his face got a little blotchy -- it did not itch, it was not raised, nor were the edges well defined as hives typically are.. she watched him carefully, asked him how he felt (did his tummy hurt-- no, was he itchy -- no ) and after a few minutes, the blotchiness disappaered..


On Jul 11, 2007

I'd say yes it was a reaction. Where did the graham crackers come from? You never know. I think some people here do not trust Hersheys. You'll hear from them sooner or later.

Do you wish the teacher had given him Benadryl? I wonder. I think I would have given Benadryl at least.

Be careful you don't teach the teachers to "wait and see." That can be very dangerous.


On Jul 16, 2007

What size Hersheys was it. Usually the size they sell for smores is safe the 6 pack (med.) size, but the small and big milk chocolate bars are not safe.

It could have also been the grahams or marshmellows but another thing to think about is who touched his snack. Sometimes if other class moms are there they don't wash their hands, they could have had a cereal bar or muffin on their way in the car to school, or they could have been holding a wrapper from their children's breakfast, cereal bar with nuts. (these are things I've seen and wondered if I was not in the classroom would they have washed their hands before giving my son his "safe" snack).

I'm glad your son is o.k. now.

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