Was this a reaction?


Yesterday my dad gave pa/tn son a handful of dried cherries before reading the label. When he realized they were processed on a line that also processes peanuts and nuts he immediately had my son spit them out and go rinse his mouth out. Luckily, ds had just put them in his mouth and started to chew but had not swollowed any of them before the mistake was realized! About 15min. later we were in the car and he started sneezing repeatedly (he did this after vomitting when he had a bite of pbj sandwich) so I gave him some benedryl and the sneezing stopped a few minutes later.

What do you think? We have been very careful and have no may contains or processed on the same line items in the house so this is the first time since he was diagnosed that he has been exposed to this.

------------------ AnnieM.

On Mar 18, 2005

Sounds like it may have been a mild reaction to me. Certainly since the cherries may have been contaminated. More than likely they were. Good thing you caught it before he swallowed it, the reaction may have been worse. Just goes to show, we have to read for everything! UUGGGGHHHHH! I'm glad he's okay now.

Btw, what brand, type of cherries were they?

On Mar 18, 2005

I don't know what brand they were now. I do know that dh & I had bought them originally and then noticed the warning so we had given them to my mom (we'll never do that again)! They threw them away so the mix up would not happen again.

------------------ AnnieM.

On Mar 22, 2005

I think it sounds like a reaction too. UGH. But at least you had it under control.