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i have seen that some labels say 'made in a place that makes nut products' and avoid them. but then a thought crossed my mind...

does a none-nut free kitchen at home

be 'made in a place that makes nut products' and we eat there? im not sure if im makin sense but i thought i wud share it with u... Comments?

On Jun 3, 2004

I have no nuts or nut products in my home as this is not in my comfort zone. However, I can imagine that if someone did have nuts in there home they would be more cautious and aware than a product made by a manufacturer. Therefore, I don't think the hypothetical warning would apply.

On Jun 3, 2004


On Jun 3, 2004


Originally posted by k9ruby: [b]ok...anymore?[/b]

My home is nut/peanut free. I am cautious as to what I allow my daughter to eat when I am at someone else's house. I won't let Jessy eat at certain friend's homes or eat food that they cooked.

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On Jun 4, 2004

We don't have nuts/peanuts in our home.

We do allow *may contain* purchased items - but I don't eat them.

Also, for picnics, etc., if we bring any *may contain* items they are kept separate from the foods that I will eat. If it needs to be kept cool, it will still be in the cooler, but sealed in a bag or something.

On Jun 5, 2004


On Jun 5, 2004

We do not have any "may contains, made from factory, or contains" in our house (my comfort zone). I feel that if I won't let my son eat it coming from a factory, why would I allow him to eat something if my daughter just finished making a PA sandwich an hour ago in the kitchen. It would be worth the risk and it wouldn't be fair.

I also feel this way about my son eating at someone else's home.

------------------ Renee

On Jun 5, 2004

No "may contains", "made in" or any peanut or tree nut in our home and she is not around them...until a week from now at Bible School...then I'll be crazy! paula

On Jun 5, 2004

thanx alot!

On Jun 5, 2004


On Jun 7, 2004


On Jun 7, 2004

Our home is not "nut free" so I guess everything that dd eats here at home could be considered "made in a facility that also makes nut products." However this doesnt mean that dd will ignore package warnings. Many times I feel as though products are labeled for liability purposes rather than consumer safty and others are not labeled well enough at all!! (Just my opinion).


On Jun 7, 2004

We keep nothing in our home that Cade can't eat. I like to feel that there is at least one safe place for him to be at all times. I just feel like we would be taking a risk. I don't feel like I can "preach" to others about keeping him away from peanuts/peanut products if I myself am not doing it at all times. Even though I know that those who keep peanut products or may contains in their kitchens take every precaution I would have to consider it a "made in a place that..."

------------------ Lynee' Cade PA Carson NKA

On Jun 8, 2004

[img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] thanx for answering! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On Jun 8, 2004

Our whole house is peanut/nut free too. I would never forgive myself if Sariah got into something that wasn't safe.


On Jun 8, 2004

My DS is MFA. Our house is free of all foods he is allergic too. Too much risk to have it in our home.

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