warning to avoid nuts during pregnancy may be removed in the UK after LEAP study - Peanut Allergy Information

warning to avoid nuts during pregnancy may be removed in the UK after LEAP study

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Please check out the [url="http://www.anaphylaxis.org.uk"]www.anaphylaxis.org.uk[/url]

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On Sep 21, 2007

Interesting. So now they'll come out and tell the whole country to feed peanuts to their kids early? I just don't think the science is there yet. It may be like someone speculated in another discussion, maybe it's not because in Israel they feed their kids peanuts as babies that they have lower rates of PA, maybe it's the lack of a genetic tendency toward PA. Different ethnic groups have different problems. Maybe kids will be allergic no matter when you first feed them the stuff. But I'd actually rather my kid first had an allergic reaction at age 4 than age 1, just for communication of symptoms and for body size when they treat a reaction.

On Apr 4, 2008

i dont think its all genetic, the steep sudden rise in children with food allergies, can NOT be put down to just genetics.

Children from ethinic groups who live away from home are developing allergies at a high rate. Asian/indian children in the UK , are developing severe persistant allergies, so the link is dietary . Although many of them have dairy allergies, many are deveoping allergies to their parents traditional foods, like beans/lentils/ peanuts /nuts which is the main foodstuff of many cultures.

So although genetic history plays its part, the sudden developement of allergies in a child with no parental atopic history of must lean towards diet and environmental changes as the cause.


On Apr 9, 2008

When we found out that my first child was allergic to peanuts and tree nuts, I was pregnant with my second child. The allergist told me to stop eating any products with peanuts and tree nuts. My second child is still allergic to peanuts and tree nuts, but not as severely. I too believe that it has something to do with diet. I do not have any food allergies. My husband does not have food allergies, but he has a nephew that has food allergies. If it was genetic, then why by restricting my diet, did it make a difference in my second child?

On Apr 10, 2008

no atopic disease in any form, for both your parents and you?

no ezcema, asthma, seasonal allergies, animal allergies, or mild food intolerances?

and anyway, what was YOUR childhood diet like compared to your parents? If maternal smoking can cause a girl to develop damaged eggs, what else did the last 100 years of modern life do?

So many varibles to consider. Which is why they still havent changed the warning officially as yet.

any way, ( shrug) I dont think they are really that near to sorting this out for quite some time.