Warning for peanuts on Jolly Rancher pops


Bummer. I almost allowed dd to eat one she got as an early Valentine, and double-checked the label. Maybe it is just the seasona pops for Valentine's, but they clearly stated shared equipment with peanuts(and milk).

I think these are usually not on shared equipment, but be sure to check your labels carefull. It was good that the individual pop was well-labelled, but dd cried. I felt sad for her. becca

On Feb 10, 2007

Thanks for the heads up. It's rare to get through valentine's day without at least one of those pops.

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On Feb 10, 2007

That change happened recently. I can't remember what candy they added to their line, but that was when they added the warning.

On Feb 11, 2007

Thank you for the heads up on this. DD's teacher just asked about these lollipops. I told her I would have to check the package.

Good to know that these had a warning!

On Feb 12, 2007

Grrrrrr - that warning had better not show up on their regular candies!


On Feb 14, 2007

This is the underwhelming response I got to my inquiry about the Valentine's Day pops, and whether or not this was going to include regular Jolly Rancher's :

[b]Thank you for contacting The Hershey Company.

Your comments about JOLLY RANCHER assorted lollipops are important. Our goal is to develop products, promotions, and advertising with widespread consumer appeal. It is disappointing to learn that your expectations were not met. Comments such as yours are valuable and provide input into future planning.

Your interest in our company is appreciated.

This email address is restricted for outgoing messages only. For that reason, please do not respond to this email as the inbox is not monitored.

Julie Fure Consumer Representative Hershey Consumer Relations[/b]

On Feb 14, 2007

I called too- was told I would "just have to check the label" and they could not tell me anything further....